Is it immature to delete a girl on snapchat?

Basically, I had a huge crush on this girl for several months (almost a year), and the first time we met she was acting really nice to me. Her body language made me think she was into me because she looked at me frequently, and played with her hair. She smiled a lot, and replied to snapchats all the time, as well as texts. However, about four months ago she quickly lost interest for a reason I have yet to figure out. She rarely responds to texts and does so in an uninterested fashion, and never replies to snaps. I try to send her things she might find funny or entertaining and I never get anything back. She still watches my stories, but I feel that I need to stop thinking about her for my own well-being. Is it harsh or immature to get rid of her to help me think about her less often? We still go to school together so I'm kind of worried about having to see her again and have her be mad that I did what I plan to do, but at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if she never even noticed. This one incident kind of adds to the frustration I'm feeling from not receiving interest from girls that I like

Thanks for your opinions guys. It's one thing for a girl to just not reciprocate feelings, but a whole other thing for her to be blatantly ignoring me for no good reason. Can't be wasting any more time caring about people who don't care about you


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  • You had a huge crush on her for several months and you didn't ask her out? What were you waiting for?

    • Well the situation was kinda complicated. We met in a class where we had a group project, and I also kind of liked one of the other girls in our group. After that class was finished, I then studied abroad in New Zealand for a while with one of the other girls who was in that same class. I liked her too, but she turned out to be an actual whore haha. We came back, and I was in another class with the girl I liked. I did ask her to go out to lunch during the week, and she said she was busy because she had to work on a project all week. She never offered an alternative date. That was the first sign of her losing interest, then she pretty much stopped responding to anything, but I still think about her a bit more often than I would like to

    • I was in a group with three other girls, and liked two of them. One of them I studied abroad with afterwards, and the other one is the girl I'm referring to in the question, just to clarify. I don't like every girl I set my eyes on haha

    • Simpler answer: I did ask her out to lunch, she made an excuse saying she was busy with a project all week, never offered an alternative date. From there on out it's been all downhill

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  • no its not


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  • do it

    srsly who cares if it's immature
    if that's how you heal
    then heal

  • Sure do it

    • I think I will, it will make me feel a bit better. You're pretty cute by the way :)

    • Thanks 😊

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