Girls! How can I feel more confident with my hair up?

Okay so I have a really round face, chubby cheeks and a large forehead, and so I always wear my hair down to partially cover my forehead and frame my face so my cheeks don't look so wide. Whenever I've tried to tie my hair in a ponytail my hairline looks really weird, my baby-hairs make the ponytail all lumpy and my face is so chubby. But, for my new bartending job starting tomorrow I'm supposed to have my hair up. I'm really worried about this because I feel so self-conscious and weird with my hair up, so I feel like I wouldn't be able to act or be confident on the job because of my hair and insecurity. I feel like every other girl, even the ones with roundish faces look so nice with their hair up, yet I just don't. Are there any tips for this?


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