If a guy sees you and blushes does that mean he likes you?

I feel like he's shy in general. He seemed nervous even in situations where there's been an oldish female in front of him. I almost felt jealous wondering if he thought she was attractive.

He saw me once and turned his head away sort of blushing I guess. I have nice eyes, I guess golden eye shadow makes them stand out.

What does a blush mean?
guys why do you blush? It's adorable but I've always wondered if you're uncomfortable around girls or attracted to them.


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  • If he made eye contact and looked away then he likes you but he's shy. A not-shy guy would keep looking at you, and then come over and say hi.

    • I happened to scan the room and my eyes rested on him confused.

      He was wearing shades. He just looked away to the left, smiling. It was just weird because if he felt awkward, why didn't he just look down.

      He made it so awkward, I just ignored him

  • He's just genuinely uncomfortable around girls, having no experience with women does that to you, I don't believe he's shy in general, he just seems to be shy around women.

    also why are you jealous he finds someone else attractive
    what are you hiding from us

    • Because she's an older lady?

      But like he's so outgoing. And he has all these friends.

      I can't really think of any real reason for him to be shy around women.

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    • Hmm I would say a lot of his closer friends seem to be guys, yes. But he seems to have many an acquaintance who are women.

    • he might just be one of those who are shy until you get closer with him

  • Most likely yes

    • Why was he blushing around that older woman?

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    • No, just nervous and probably has anxiety. If he explicitly blushed at you, that's a good thing and I like to think he likes you. Simply being nervous doesn't mean that he's attracted to them. Some guys are just nervous around all women.

    • As for me when I blush its because its a mix of being shy and thinking they're cute

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