Is having a baby face a turn off?

I have a baby face and sometimes I feel pretty insecure about it, I'm tall and I'm not that thin so I feel like my face looks disproportionate to my body. I feel kind of weird because most of the girls around me and even some that are younger than I am look wayyy more mature than I do. I know some 19 year olds that look like they're 25 and I'm 21 but I look like I'm 16 lol. I feel like guys probably wouldn't want to be with a girl who looks like she's still in middle school as opposed to the other girls around me who look their age if not older. I feel weird even when I wear makeup too. I hate being insecure about my looks but I feel like I'm just not fitting in with my society's standards.


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  • No I dont think so because if you get older then you still looks young. You just think like that now but later on you will like it

    • Yeah that's what many people tell me, I think I just need to learn how to be more appreciative of what I've got

    • Its like people who have healty body can't appreciate that they are healty because someone who have a sick body would do anything to get it better

    • I agree

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  • lol I feel you
    you should be happy that at least you re tall and not thin
    cs I have a baby face, curly hair, I am short and thin huh

    • I have curly hair too, and when I leave it that way it just makes me look even younger lol.

    • exactly! omg XD

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  • Baby face is fine for a girl, especially as you get older. For guys, it's more of a curse.

    • Really? Lol I always thought that a baby face on a guy was kinda cute

  • It is.


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