How do you get rid of the rubber smell on a brand new mouse pad?

I had ordered a huge one earlier this month and it just came wendsay. Since then I've kept it outside to try and air out and it still has that strong rubber smell. Reason why this rubber smell is such a problem is because I have asthma, so it's killing my lungs. I have tried to let it get fresh air for about 3 days now outside. and it isn't working. What are other ways to make that scent die down?

The size of the mouse pad is 0.12 x 35.43 x 15.74 in

This is the mouse pad that I bought.


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  • Washing shoes in hot water and soap gets rid of the rubber smell, but on a mouse mat it might ruin it, depends what the surface is made of.

    It's basically the chemicals that are still on the mat causing the smell.


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  • Generally, you can't get rid of the smell only mask it until it dies down naturally. I've heard that coffee or shampoo can mask it for a while, it'd be worth a try.


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  • Try to wash it in a bucket or something and let it soak in soapy water for a couple of days, change the water a few times a day maybe.

    • Although I have to say, I bought a really cute doormat from Urban Outfitters once (it looked like the Enter button on a computer's keyboard) but it smelled like chemicals when it arrived. I tried washing it and airing it out for a couple of weeks. Never got rid of the smell so I had to throw it away :/
      If the smell doesn't go away, try to see if you can find one in-store somewhere, where you could check if it smells or not.

  • Maybe some body spray or perfume...