Should I accept her past or should I find someone like me?

So, I've met a nice and friendly girl. We had now 3 dates and she seems to like me very much and i like her too. On our second date i asked her about her sexual past. Thats right, the forbidden question which destroyed many relationships, but for me its a question which wll determine if i will start a relationship with her or not and honestly said, im the type of guy who can't trust someone aslong as i dont know everything i need to know about them.

Now, as expected her past was sth i dont want in a girlfriend, 4 casual sexual encounter and 3 relationships. 7 sexual partner itself aren't a big number nowadays (because the average number seem to be 20+ nowadays, haha) but because i dont separate love and sex i also dont want a girlfriend who ever did it.
The casual sex bothers me, the 3 relationships aren't sth i care about.

Now, i dont know how many dates with different girls i already had. Was it 70 or 80 or more? Argh, can't remember. Well, i dated many girls of them and i asked every single one of them about their past and everyone of zhem had casual sex in the past, many even wanted sex on the first date, how stupid of them that they thought i would be into it.

Because i didn't met a girl who has the same attitude towards sex as me and who never had casual sex i feel bored now from dating. It seems impossible to gind someone like me.

Now for the question.

Should i just forget the past of the girl im dating right now? Should i give it a go? Even if the possibility that the relationship will end because of this reason is about 99%?
I dont really feel like dating her but not because i dont like her. I like her a lot and we would probably be very happy for some years but because i know that it will surely end because soner or later her past will bother me and i dont want to put her through a relationship without a future.
Should i give it a go and hope for a miracle that won't happen or should i continue seeking for a girl with a non casual past?
Should I accept her past or should I find someone like me?
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