How to deal with creepy neighbor?

I have a neighbor that would constantly complain about every little noise I make. I already talked to my house manager who already talked to him and he stopped complained.

However, recently, the house manager left and was replaced with a new one. Now my neighbor is being creepy again. One time I was coming home and he was just watching me as I was entering my place. I tried to be friendly by saying good evening but he didn't say anything and kept watching me. I was completely creeped out and ever since then, I feel completely uncomfortable around him. Like my body literally shakes in fear around him.

I think he knocked on my door because the shakes were coming back but I refused to answer it. However, I don't know how to address this problem since the old house manager is gone and the new one would never understand or be able to do anything.

Help? Advice?
How to deal with creepy neighbor?
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