Does anyone else ever notice odd pairings in interracial relationships?

I guess there are odd ones in same race relationships but I'm talking about interracial ones since I have several friends who are into that.

im gonna make a huge leap here. I can honestly say that 99.9% of the black girls I know who date white guys are like, really pretty, gorgeous even. And for some reason sometimes I see them with the UGLIEST white dudes. I just have to laugh at that for a second. It may sound shallow, but I'm sure many of you notice when someone really attractive is with someone who is very unattractive, whether you think it speaks positively on their character or you are annoyed with it like I am, is irrelevant, youve seen it and youve taken notice of it.

One of my black friends right now is beautiful, tall, she does modeling sometimes, she's got these really pretty shaped eyes, and her boyfriend is hideous. I asked her, like, girl, why? lol that's it. just, "why?" I get personality being important, but before I saw him she and I would talk about sex and things like that. I couldn't see myself being comfortable being intimate with a guy who was that ugly. he looks kind of like this cartoon villain on frosty the snow man. link

I don't get it. not all the time, I know several who date or have dated cuter white and Asian guys, but idk. it happens. one of my other friends, half black, went out with this chubby redneck looking guy. my pretty Asian friend is dating this mousy looking kid, I can't explain him exactly. the funniest ones I've seen also involve cultural clashes. one of my really "yeah sista, real talk" but pretty aunts is dating this kind of white trash looking guy who is not cute, and has a long pony tail. like, what is going on in the world? lol seriously though.

I'm black but I've only dated girls so far, no guys yet. I had a friends with benefits thing with a white guy once though and he was hot, not an uggo. like wavy hair, surfer vibe, mixed with stoner tendencies. really cute though, black hair, blue eyes, etc. that's a good choice. I make good choices. what is up with these other chicks though? I should have a program lecture or something "how not to disgrace your race by dating a severely unattractive white guy. no really, what's the point then?" or something.

What do you all think about this? Is interracial dating hazardous to the gene pool by pairing attractive hotties with ugly rejects? Or am I just being a shallow bitch? You decide, but I'm still a bit baffled by this.
Does anyone else ever notice odd pairings in interracial relationships?
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