Guys, do you ever just feel like giving up on some days?

I used to have severe depression from age 17 to 31. And while I'm "better" now, it never truly goes away. Just diminishes in occurrences a bit. Like, instead of feeling depressed every day, it'll be once a week or something. In my case, it's almost like a period; one week a month. Today, I feel like I'm about to enter my depressed week.

I've been doing kickboxing for several months now and haven't lost a single pound. I need to lose 60 kilograms, which is about 120 pounds, to reach my ideal fit weight. I haven't made a single f*cking bit of progress, even while eating nasty-ass dry chicken breast and brown rice for dinner every night.

I also feel like, because I'm always going to be a f*cking short-sh*t at 180-181 cm, there's no point in any of this. Even if I was slim and fit, I'd still be short, and it'd literally will change nothing in my chances of having a woman. So because I'm short, I'm like, "why the f*ck should I ever bother trying to lose weight?" I might as well be fat and eat whatever I want, than live off of depressing food, spend three years getting fit, and still have just as much of a chance of a partner and relationships as I did before: zero percent.

And then, there's all the stuff wrong with the world. All the political sh*t, all the retardation coming from Joe Biden and his puppetmasters. The fact the entire First World hasn't f*cking nuked China by now. All of it just seems like too much.

I try to write down "All the things I'm grateful for" in order to keep perspective. But it's a short list and all the negatives are far greater in quantity.


I don't suggest you DO give up. But it's like sh*t. What kind of world is even left fighting for, nowadays?
Guys, do you ever just feel like giving up on some days?
Guys, do you ever just feel like giving up on some days?
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