Has anyone gone out of their way to do something for you?

Has anyone gone out of their way to do something for you?

Would you share something a complete stranger has done for you without being asked?

Those easily offended with personal stories. No need to read further. : )

Today I dealing with a major leak under my kitchen sink. The other, my washing machine blew up the day before yesterday and was getting switched out today.

Both workmen came to the door with apprehension. Both left having gone out of their way, above and beyond. Never asked them to do such. Just respected them and treated them as human.

The first came to fix a mistake another employee made that will cost the company a fair amount to repair. It was one of the few times our regular serviceman didn’t come, but was switched by another. I greeted him with a warm “I’m not going to bite. Maybe if they had sent the other guy back I might have.” He grinned and came in. He managed to get the claim set up and everything through his boss directly, saving me long waits on the phone through customer service, all while getting parts from his truck. Not his job at all. Amazing guy. He told me he missed my mum too. *sniffle*

Second was the delivery drivers for the washing machine. They had a noon-4pm window and turned up at 6pm. I went out to meet them on the driveway to fluff them up and stretch my legs. They both looked exhausted and prepared for a screaming woman. After initial sizing up my hostility level, and realizing I was a normal person they said “We only have the washer.” “Damn, I was so looking forward to that mistake for a matching set, too.” They grinned and came in. I hadn’t paid for install or haul away. The main guy ended up doing both without asking anyway. “You were cool with us being late, so don’t tell them we installed or hauled your old one.” I gave them a fat tip and told them to get home already and rest.

Warms the cackles of the soul to find good people still about. Planning to pay it all forward too.
Has anyone gone out of their way to do something for you?
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