(GUYS) what does it mean when your ex says that he cares about me a lot and he will always care about me!?

my ex told one of his friends that he feels guilty for hurting me and that he loves me and his friend said she loves you and he said o know she does .. he told another friend that he sees me as a really good friend and that he cares about me a lot and he will always care for me & he doesn't want a relationship for a while (years) .. he also said that he is going to ignore me until all my feelings for him go away .. one of his friends is going on a cruise with his girlfriend and my ex .. my ex said that he does not want to feel like a third wheel so his friend said why don't you bring your ex meaning me and he said yeah ask her if she has a passport I want her to come .. how could he want me to move on but want to spend 5 days on a boat with me what is wrong with him .. he played games with my head .. we stopped talking during the summer and I hooked up with his friend and was honest about it so he's still mad about that .. we been fighting a lot so I decided to stop all contact with him & move on with my life I will always .. I don't know what to do anymore ..


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  • you was a great girlfriend to him and he know that he did you wrong.

    he wants you to be happy meaning you deserve the best.

    he still has strong feelings for you but, don't want to just be with you.

    when he's done with all of his game playing then you're the kind of woman

    he would want to settle down with.

    • i hope he can get over the fact that I hooked up with his friend that's a big issue when that happen he told me to move on with my life I didn't think he was going to come back when I saw him he told me he didn't mean that and didn't want me to move on at all he asked me if I hooked up with his friend & I was honest he said something like that would make him not want to be with me & I said so you will never be with me because of that he said no I didn't say that what does he mean by that?

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    • i don't think he would really kill me when he's mad he says stupid sh*t

    • but still beware of that comment cause nowadays people are losing their damn minds.

      you already have someone new even though you still care about your ex move on

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  • When you've grown used to someone for a time being, and suddenly broken up. I think you might just miss your significant other ALOT. If you put that relationship back together it won't look as beautiful when it was separated.

  • He wants you to move on cause he feels you deserve better than him. He feels bad for hurting you but still cares for you

    • i feel as if he knows he can't give me what I want which is a relationship because he's not ready and he knows he hurt me bad and he can't own up to tell me the truth so instead of me being miserable over him he rather me move on and be happy I just wish he would tell me how he really felt instead of ignoring me I will always love him and care about him I grew up with him since I was alil girl I realized I'm not in love with him anymore but I love him as a person

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