So, sorry if this comes off as bitchy but.....

How do I get my friend to shut up? lol

See, we're at college, and all of my other friends go home for the weekend. So it's just myself and her all weekend. If I yell at her for it, odds are, she won't talk to me. She's also my ride home for when I do want to go home since she and I are from the same hometown.

But the thing is, all she ever does is complain and vent and it's not even like having a conversation anymore. It's like, listen to Christina all the time and I never get a word in edgewise.

I mean, I'm all for letting someone vent and all, but it's all she ever does. She somehow makes every conversation topic about her. It's getting really annoying. It's hardly a conversation now, it's more like just her continuously talking.

I mean, since the semester started, I've learned:

There is obvious evidence that her boyfriend is cheating on her. He's told her he sleeps with other girls but "doesn't have sex" and she doesn't believe him and thinks he's cheating but won't break up.

Her boyfriend calls her ugly and a whore but she won't break up because she "loves him."

I mentioned that I didn't think I was ready for a communications test and she goes off about her math class and how much it sucks.

She complains about all her teachers.

She asks me for advice on her relationship but either cuts me off 30 seconds into me trying to advise her or she doesn't take my advice.

All she knows about me is that I've been with my boyfriend for five years and I am in Criminal Justice and we went to the same high school.

She also thinks my boyfriend is made up because apparently there's no such thing as a guy who actually respects and is faithful to his girlfriend.

Her family is poor so apparently I'm supposed to take pity on her. But honestly? If you're in college, you can't be too poor. I mean, you're here, right?

She's constantly comparing me to her and it makes me feel uncomfortable, but every time I try to bring it up, she just keeps talking. Like, I'll start a sentence and then she'll just cut in and talk about something completely different.

When I told her about my uncle having surgery (or tried to tell her) she went off for the umpteenth time about how her uncles are all in jail and her dad is a deadbeat who won't pay child support and now has till the 1st or he'll be in jail or whatever.

Honestly? I cared the first time she told me all this, but it's like the only thing she knows how to do is complain. She's draining my personality. I'm a happy person usually, but she's just ticking me off lol.

I'm getting rather sick of it. I really want to just cut her out of my life, but I do need a ride home now and then so I don't want to totally ruin the friendship.

Sorry this turned into a vent, but I'm really sick of her. Maybe Christmas break will be good. I'm normally not a push over, but since she supplies me with a service (cheap rides home) I consider this a delicate situation.


So, sorry if this comes off as bitchy but.....
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