Does the location of your first kiss matter?

I've never kissed a girl before, but my new girlfriend is pretty experienced. She knows I've never kissed anyone and she wants my first kiss to be special.

There's this park around half an hour away from where I live that has this really nice hiking trail that opens up to a bunch of power lines and has a bench on this hill overlooking a river. It's really beautiful and majestic, and I have always pictured it being where I would have my first kiss.

Here's the problem: I can't drive, and neither can she. So I would need to get a ride from my parents or her parents, which would obviously be awkward either way. So I have no actual means of getting there. The only times I ever see her are in school, but I don't want my first kiss to be in a classroom or a stairwell or something!

So what do I do? Suck it up and ask my parents to drive me and my girlfriend to a secluded park? :/ Or suck it up and kiss her in a stairwell? O.o

For the record, she said she doesn't care either way. She wants our first kiss to be special, and she really cares about my sentimentalism, so she doesn't mind if she has to wait to have our first kiss. But we only have a few months left together before we go off to different colleges!

So here's my question: do you have any other suggested methods of getting up there? Or should I just give in and have my first kiss somewhere less special? Seriously, is the location of my first kiss that important? Please help! Thanks a bunch for reading! :)
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We got a friend to drive us up there with his girlfriend too. They went one way, we went another, and we made out on the bench, and it was super. :-}
Does the location of your first kiss matter?
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