Girl sends me love song?

so there's this girl who I like and before I went out with my girlfriend she flirted with me alot. my girlfriend and I recently broke up and she started flirting with me again. she has told me to come over and watch a scary movie with her and she was ALONE (but I couldn't ) and then she took my hat and has kept it for over 2 weeks now and she wears it whenever we hangout. when I ask her for it back she begs to keep it and if I do get it back she takes it back and wears it again. also I asked when I'm getting my hat back and she said "its my hat" and "you will soon bby". then today she sent me a song (thats not her style of music AT ALL) that talks about falling in love over the summer and stuff like that. here it is listen to it if you want

Florida Georgia Line-Cruise

so do you think she likes me? and does the song mean anything? cause she just randomly sent it (which she never does)thanks for any help.
Girl sends me love song?
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