Simple Summer Traditions to Keep Alive This Summer According to Charlie Brown

This summer almost here and well, we can just assume its summer based on the nice weather. It is nice to think about all the things we...

The Phenomenon of Group Thinking

The Phenomenon of Group Thinking I wanted to write this because of everything that's currently happening in America. I hope it helps...

2020 my year of different opinions

We all celebrated the breaking of 2020 with great expectations and planning. Just like we are different, our challenges and successes...

My first mytake. Thanks Yads!

No I’m not tagging anyone. Do this as well if you want. name : Sobek nickname : whatever one happens to call me gender : Female How long...

Why are many autistic people so minimalistic?

My boss called me and lectured me for 5 minutes about how I've had it so easy with my apprenticeship and I should put in effort at the...

The forgotten foreign influences including spoils of war that the Soviet military owed credit to

The Soviet Union is perhaps the largest totalitarian regime to have ever existed. But what exactly allowed the Soviet regime to last...

Does conscientiousness improve with age?

Let's say the definition for consciousness here is: being efficient, organized, orderly, and task-oriented

Is it normal to dislike the girl my crush hooked up with? Ever since I found out I’ve held a grudge for some reason. Why do I feel this way?

Before I found out i didn’t feel any type of way about her but after I found out I started to nitpick her actions and started disliking...

What's more effective---- mace or pepper spray?

These are some pretty good self defense methods. Which one would you rather use? Do you think they are pretty effective?

Have you ever built a wall, why?

As you can see I've started work on a wall, a big beautiful wall to keep the coronainfested English out of Wales. But have you ever...

If there was a person who often copied the things that you do, would you be more flattered or annoyed?

Personally, I like being an original, so I hate when this happens. Some examples could be: someone getting the same hairstyle that you...

Who's got your back?

Was just curious to see answers on this, and explain why too, do you think one of these options is better than all the others?

What sense do you think humans will lose through evolution?

If you don't believe in evolution move on, this question is for intelligent people. It's well known that the human sense of smell isn't...

Which do you like more, dogs or cats?

I love dogs more because they love being around you and playing with you, plus you can take them on nice walks. They really are man's...

Do you think you are good at reading or judging people?👨‍⚖️🤔☑️❎?

Like character of people for example someone from school or work, celebrity, or even random strangers