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How do I stop relying on others for happiness?

I didn’t ever properly heal from the last heartbreak I went through. As a result, to put it simply, I don’t love myself. When I’m sad, I’m really not at my best. I’m always tired, I sleep a lot, and sometimes it’s a struggle to be around the people I love.

The day before yesterday, I got into a fight with this guy I’ve been speaking to. Now I’m at the low point again and everything is an effort. I went to the gym and I was too distracted by my overthinking, doing assignments is a struggle because I can’t concentrate. I want to find activities to help distract me, but everything I do, the bad thoughts interfere.

Finding other activities is still too hard anyway. I don’t feel like I’m good at anything. Don’t even know where to start. The only thing that somewhat distracts me is being at work, but when I’m not at work, well, Lord help me.
How do I stop relying on others for happiness?
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