Idealized Traditionalism: What It Really Is and Where it Comes From, Part 2

So this is notably a direct continuation of my last take.

The last thing I attempted to explain was in what ways do men project their sexuality and their nature onto women, and how that took them nowhere. So the following question was: How then, do females project their sexuality onto males?

This is where women claim men victimize themselves, and I want to tell all of those girls why they are mistaken: Idealized Traditionalism is gynocentric. Yes, you read that well. Monogamous committed relationships and marriage are where females project their sexuality onto males.

Idealized Traditionalism: What It Really Is and Where it Comes From, Part 2

I can imagine a lot of girls in their early 20’s or younger, with their boyfriends, already romanticizing and fantasizing their marriages, and already consciously or subconsciously setting up their directionality; He will be there for me and he wants the same things I want. He will not look at other girls, and I already trust him not to cheat on me in anyways regardless of what I do for him. How can any person do such a thing, to have sexual desire towards someone else while they are in a relationship, isn’t that horrible? He will have this long ceremony with me, while everyone watches us kiss and put the ring together, oh, and he must sign that contract that will obligate us to stay together, because there must be written evidence of our communion. Right? He will help me decorate the house, we will have kids and raise them together under MY terms, he/we will work to bring food to the table… you get the point.

Idealized Traditionalism: What It Really Is and Where it Comes From, Part 2

You see, if you analyze a 40 plus year old woman, maybe she already has kids and probably has been divorced two or three times, you will see a very different person than a younger girl that has all these ambitions, and most certainly these FANTASIES. What baffles all these young women, when you say these things, is that male nature cannot work that way it does. Men aren’t able to be in parallel relationships with multiple women, because that would be gross.

And they aren’t like dogs, where they are designed to copulate with multiple females; In the case of dogs when they pile up after the female in heat, and in the case of humans, where the female is attractive and have traits that signal them as fertile, so men chase them. He will only see me, and desire me, and lead me where I want to go. Right? Women know men are opportunistic, but they know that is something men are giving up fully the moment they marry.

Idealized Traditionalism: What It Really Is and Where it Comes From, Part 2

The reason why the divorce rates are increasing, and why many males go their own way, and many females go their own way as well in modern times is due to the fact that traditionalism isn’t the standard anymore. Radical feminism plays a big part of this, but the actual reason is how much society has changed. Remember many men and women have sustained their marriages according to religion.

Religion for the most part tells men they are there to protect their women, and to provide them because that gives them spiritual and social value, and that women must be there to help their men. When you take out (or reduce) traditionalism and religion you will have many men out there seeing no purpose in giving away their nature and hearts desires, for a female that will push him towards her directionality fully, by all means. And many women use the system and the court in their favor and will use it no matter what to have their way, despite the fact that the state is actually using these women for profit. Remember, females are systematic and directional creatures.

Idealized Traditionalism: What It Really Is and Where it Comes From, Part 2

Men nowadays, aren’t the same men our fathers are/were, and women nowadays aren’t the same women our mothers are/were. Modern people aren’t growing with the same values and environment that people used to have. People have different knowledge and different perception on things. Note, male and female nature have always been, and always will be intact.

But many women are not able to draw men to their directionality so they opt out, and many men have realized they have the option to not be involved in the contract of marriage, and monogamous committed relationships with females because the risks are high. The social morale has evolved into something else, and people do not have the strong traditional and religious values they once had. Customs and values both females and males used to sustain their marriages, and that males used to suppress their instinctual urges.

Idealized Traditionalism: What It Really Is and Where it Comes From, Part 2

Men and women, in very different ways are idealizing each other and projecting themselves onto others. The idealistic young woman will idealize “the perfect man”, and many guys here complain about the girls telling them what a real man is. But the truth is, the real man is simply what biology and how further his reason can go, dictates. What women see as a “real man” is a product of themselves, a projection women push on the men who decides to commit to them. That is the actual answer of what “a real man” is. And if you ever feel pressure by the woman you're with, is because she will project unreal expectations on you. Guys need to understand this.

Idealized Traditionalism: What It Really Is and Where it Comes From, Part 2

I’m not justifying men for cheating, and I’m not victimizing men. What I’m telling them is that if they ever desire to enter the idealized term that is a committed relationship, or a marriage, they HAVE to understand female nature so that they won’t be either disappointed, and they don’t fall flat on their faces for relying on their fantasy.

Women know exactly where they want to go, and you just happen to be the guy that will give her the ride. Women have a long list of preferences, and requirements and it has absolutely nothing to do with you, your abilities, your hobbies, your interests (unless it may benefit HER in some way), but it has to do with security and her direction. Her directionality supersedes everything else (anything specific), because her incentives are biological, not out of love and sexual pleasure.

Idealized Traditionalism: What It Really Is and Where it Comes From, Part 2

Commitment to women is selecting and encountering the male who is capable and willing to take her where she wants to go. That, in a nutshell, is the selection process that every female goes through. Do not project your sexuality onto them, because you it will lead you to failure. Females do not go in relationships by a male’s terms, only by HER own terms. Remember males must concede to women to sustain a relationship, it is expected by every woman to every man to do so.

So both women and men need to gain awareness and understanding of what their biological imperatives are, so they can resolve and work their problems around that, only IF they are interested in having a healthy and sustainable relationship. And though traditionalism aids too, and is born of what the female directionality is about, both men and women are at fault to project their nature without ever taking in account any of these things, and that’s where relationships, and particularly modern marriages, fail.

Idealized Traditionalism: What It Really Is and Where it Comes From, Part 2
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  • Darkone1

    It still explains marriage is like the "BLACK WATER" only way out is to give up all your assets. After all of this, still society will make you look like a villain in this,
    You can have kids without marriage, You can have SEX with multiple woman without marriage.

    So there is no reason to sign the DEATH CONTRACT.

    • Darkone1

      by the way BLack water is prison.

  • PT1911

    Oh hey dude, welcome back, spittin truth as usual.

    • Thanks a lot man! Good to see around still 😊

    • PT1911

      Sent you a follow request btw!

  • Anonymous

    Just one thing... In the case I understood it correctly.. men, after they go their offspring of the women, tends to look for other women? .. might be.. but they still seem to be committed to the wife/children combo.. as what I know, most divorces are directly filed by women, or she was pretty much the reason anyway. So actually why would women file for divorce so often, when they already have their "slave" at home?

    • Well, fist I wouldn't use the word slave but I'll get to that.

      Men, for the most part, won't abandon their families, and in relationships their loved one, even though they pursue other women/relationships (remember what I said about parallel relationships). That's where you'll see all these married men with another family outside of their marriages, or men pretending/lying about being married or being in a relationship to be with other women, even if they actually love/care about their mate, and children. Some men never get in parallel relationships, but men are fully capable of it.

    • Women file these divorces because that's their wish regardless of how good the man they are with is. Women may not see men as slaves, but men in theory are more of a potential liability to them, sort to speak. Once married, men become their asset, and as she realizes she has better options or a man is not bringing her any security/being of any utility for her, she will refuse to do anything for her man any longer.

      Prudently, and with discretion women constantly weigh their options and they decide when and hoe is the best to thrive in.

      Have you ever hear of the concept of solipsism? Women can be INSTANTLY decisive, without any sort of emotion, or consideration from their partners feelings. It's a very rough way to put it, and if a woman reads this most probably she'll look the other way, but as I thoroughly explained in my takes, that's how female nature works fundamentally.

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