The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Love? Hate? They both make us act irrationally. Can we agree that they both cloud our thinking and judgement. Both love and hate have sparked wars, poetry, and some of the greatest Epic of ALL TIME. Both can make your heart race, your pupils dilate and your palms sweat. I sit here tonight and write this article because I ponder the question " Can someone that you loved so much, turn into someone that you ultimately hate, or do you keep that emotion in check and continue to love them even after the relationship ends, no matter how hard of a task that may seem to be?

First Let's examine the Science behind it all:

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

In the brain there really is a thin line between love and hate. Both of the circuits in the brain share identical structures. Both include regions known as putamen and insula- associate with aggression and distress. These regions are two distinct structures in the sub cortex, which lies behind the cerebral cortex or the thinking region. Both the putamen and insula are also both activated by romantic love. A marked difference in the cortical pattern produced by these two sentiments of love and hate is that, whereas with love large parts of the cerebral cortex associated with judgement and reasoning become deactivated. With hate only a small zone located in the frontal zone becomes deactivated. Does this seem surprising? Hate and Love can both be an all consuming passion.........

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Love: Love is used as a noun as well as a verb.

Hate: Hate is only used as a verb.

Love and hate are antonyms, i.e. they are two opposite terms in meaning. Even though they mean complete opposites, they are two of the strongest emotions we human beings are capable of feeling.

The line separating love from hatred is very thin, and feeling hurt can easily push us over.

Maybe you’ve hit a rough spot in a relationship, and you’re teetering on the edge of losing the love. Perhaps a relationship ended and you feel betrayed, disappointed and angry. Or possibly, the relationship ended a long time ago but somehow continues to fester like an infected wound, producing toxins that contaminate your current happiness. The last sentence is where I fit into the equation. Letting something over long ago, fester until you feel as if that once great love, is nothing more than simple hatred.

The subject of emotion is a touchy one. Well it’s an emotional one isn’t it? I’ve met a lot of people that seem to be with out emotion and I’ve met a lot of people that seem to have acquired the extra emotion floating around because it’s always pouring out. It never seems to be distributed properly, does it?

There are two different sides to emotion. You have emotion that is better described as passion, but its emotion all the same. Then you have emotion that is a reflection of how you feel. Be it sad, happy, angry, scared, love or hate. What’s the main difference between all these emotions, because in the big scheme of things they appear to be a lot alike?

Fear, (being scared) and excitement mirror each other exactly, as do love and hate. The difference between the two is the context in which they are felt and expressed. If you ask someone how they feel in love, the list of “feelings” they describe are similar in nature to hate.

Both love and hate are strong emotions and take a toll on the owner. In the beginning stages, the feeling is all consuming and it’s hard to concentrate or think about anything other than the object of your emotion. As time passes the “high” steadies out to be a pulse if you will, that keeps a constant, repetitive level of devotion. This is where a lot of people lose interest or in the case of hatred, forgive or forget. It is only the true of heart that may pass or you get to be old and talk about how much you can’t stand the person you love with all your heart.

I’ve always thought of hate as love that had no where to go. In by which the metamorphous is transpired by not wanting to die, so it feeds itself in a new avenue. Kind of like the joke, “What the difference between a bitch and slut? A slut sleeps with everybody and a bitch sleeps with everybody but you.” Like a baby that can’t get what it wants, the emotion is immediate, and most of the time without conscious thought, turned into negative emotion. Rejection is often the fuel from the flip of love and hate. Basically love and hate is the same thing, but we decide which mask it wears.

Love and Hatred are two sides of the same coin; there is not much difference. Love can change into hate, hate can change into love. And this change is possible only if they both have the same quality. When you are in love, hate is the repressed part waiting to take revenge. Out of that revengefulness comes jealousy, and all kinds of fights between lovers. Sooner or later the repressed hate is going to destroy the very phenomenon of love. Once you are not lovers, you become enemies. The most difficult thing in this world is to love someone, then to fall out of love and still be friends.

For me, I think I have figured out my answer. This world is full of loss, and pain, and every imaginable form of suffering. The line between love and hate is thin, and I don’t know a single person who doesn’t know this firsthand. None of use needs to cross over, even though pain seems to drive us toward hatred. The desire to hurt others only makes us suffer more. Don’t follow it. Do bring light to the darkness.

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
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  • Paris13
    Beautifully Done, hun, and I don't "Hate" Anything nor Anyone. But I do Know my own Boundaries when it Comes to Anything in Life.
    I agree with you though that with so much Pain and Suffering, and being so Political, Knowing Right and Wrong when it Comes to Certain People Hooked to the Hip with these Evil Elites, in the White House, I have to Keep an Open Mind that Their own "Hate" for this Country drives me More in Store to Love this Country and to Keep Fighting every Step of the Way.
    Thank you so much for the Kind Invite. xx
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    • Thank you much:))

    • Paris13

      Thank you so much for the Like, hun, and so welcome, anytime!! xxoo

Most Helpful Guy

  • mwin2030
    I admire this MY TAKE. It explains how you feel and expresses your own pains and fears with dealing with both emotions. Good work. Thanks for posting this.
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  • nala_rawr
    Loved the take!!! It makes perfect sense...
    Very well written and super informative!!! ☺
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  • Djaaaay
    Wow , great one !! The thin line your talking about happens to be ( Forgivness ) . Learning to be an excellent forgiver eliminates the thin line
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  • coolbreeze
    Nice mytake and very interesting and good information.
  • madhatters4
    really good take. thanks for the good read
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  • CyberToothTiger
    Thanks for sharing with us very good MyTake :D
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  • FantasyGuy34
    Good writing. Thank you. 👍
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  • Browneye57
    I like you. ;-)
  • Adigelunar
    so true