Society Prefers Sexually Inexperienced Women, and Not for the Reasons People Seem to Think

Society Prefers Sexually Inexperienced Women, and Not for the Reasons People Seem to Think

I needed to share my thoughts on this post.

Cause I do think society prefers virgin women, but for none of the reasons posted here.

I can't speak for everyone but for me it comes down to 2 reasons.

1. Sexual Burnout on the women's end.

Look bottom line is if you're a women and you admit you aren't a virgin, chances are you've probably been really around. To the point where you just don't care about sex anymore or your looks are starting to die down or you just had your fill and just looking to settle down.

And would generally just be completely disinterested in sex for any reason outside having a kid. To put it simply you may genuinely love the guy you settle down with, who's to say you would be as sexually active with him as you were with the 15+ men you were likely with before him.

And don't tell me that you would do it for his sake cause then it's just a one way street and you're just laying there like a dead tuna.

The point is there's no guarantee that you will have that same energy and passion with your SO that you did when you were fooling around and going full party girl

Oh and one more thing if you are not a virgin, but you only had sex with like 1-2 people then this doesn't apply to you. I'm talking about the ones that have had like 5-10+ partners before settling down.

Which neatly segway's into my other point

2. Judgementalness.

Look I don't care how much you love someone, you may be the kind of woman where someone just isn't hitting the certain spots or a single man just is not enough for you anymore, and could potentially lead on a one way trip to cucksville.

Now I know someone who is engaged to her boyfriend, and even though she loves him more then life itself, she flat out admitted he's not the best lover she's ever had not even close. Thankfully she loves him so much that it doesn't even matter, but that's not the case for everyone.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that generally a sexually experienced female runs a certain amount of risk, again if you only had like 1 or 2 partners your whole life this generally doesn't apply to you. But if your dating someone who has had multiple partners, you really don't know what you're gonna get.

You could get a sexually active and passionate lover who wants to share her years of experience with you, you could also get someone who is just sexually tired and looking to find some poor sap to mooch off of, you could get someone who can't help but have multiple partners at a time, or just isn't satisfied with you. There's just no way to know for sure.

That's my opinion on why virgin females are so valued, nothing to do with their purity, but more they run a lower risk.

Least that's how i see it.

Society Prefers Sexually Inexperienced Women, and Not for the Reasons People Seem to Think
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  • AaceN

    Interesting. I've never even thought anything much about virginity being prized other than purity. Because I am a virgin, I've never had the chance to think that a previous partner may be better than a current partner; this is a really valid reason. However, aren't men typically preferred to be sexually experienced. Other than wanting a partner who knows what they are doing, wouldn't someone want an inexperienced man so that they will not be judged as well?

    • Malik00

      Yeah that seems to be the double standard isn't it? Virgin females are prized and valued, while virgin men are borderline mocked and belittled. With the reverse being true for men and women who sleep around, and as bad as I'm sure this is to say, i don't think women are generally expected to perform in bed. I mean if you are considerably active in the sack then that's a great thing, but I imagine many could probably get away with being dead-lays. Where as men are kinda expected to be studs by the time they reach my age.

    • AaceN

      At this point, I try not to think about all of this--it will always be a thing. Sex or no sex--it's a choice everyone needs to make for themselves.

    • Malik00

      I just find it disappointing, it's that men who try to be responsible and not just sleep around are generally stuck getting the short end of the stick.

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  • Bandit74

    Well, I do think there are other factors at play, but I agree that the two things you listed are part of it.

    Also, something that I would add to your second point is that guys generally have lower standards for casual sex than girls do. This create a dynamic where girls able to more easily sleep with men who are a few points higher than them on the attractiveness scale. So let’s say an average looking guy settles down with an average looking girl. It is highly likely that she has slept with more people than him and that the men she slept with were more attractive and more sexually experienced than him.

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