Polyamory isn't wrong

Polyamory isn't wrong

Lots of people think that a person can't love more than just one person. Why?

I do love (and I mean love, not like) two boys, and can't see what's wrong. If I love them, then why should I choose one? I love them both at the same way, it's impossibile to choose.

Like, if you like Coca-Cola, why can't you like Pepsi, too?

Obviously, if you're in a poly relationship both of your partners should know about the other one. I don't think this is cheating.

What do you think?


Polyamory isn't wrong
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  • Smoothing

    Become a Mormon then you can be entitled to have more than one man. In fact you can get married to more than one man.

    Otherwise forget it. It doesn't work. Not in this day and age.

  • MissDawn7961

    There Is a difference in loving someone and having sex with them ! A man who rapes a woman does not love her , he just wants to have sex with any female he can get his dirty hands on ! For those who do not know the difference in these two situations they are to immature to have sex ! For this is wrong to have sexual intercourse with more then one person and that means those who do this are just wanting sex and are not mature mentally enough for an actual meaningful relationship with the opposite sex ! Thanks

    • AngyLlama

      Polyamory means actually love, not having sex. So a person doesn't only wants to have sex with more then one person, but love them. I suggest you to make a research on polyamory, I cannot explain it well