I Will Love You

I want to make this thing work. I want it to get off the ground and head for the stars. Never to end. Today I make the decision to completely let go. I will take the first step without seeing the stairs beneath me. So, these are my promises to you:

I Will Keep My Heart Open

When I'm angry or am offended I tend to shut down. I cut off the person from my life or I distance myself from the relationship. Whatever we were won't be the same because you stabbed me once and I won't let it happen again. All I'm doing is protecting myself. However, I realize that this strategy will not go far.

I know that your intentions are not to hurt me. Things happen and you are only human. So when your words hurt or you come up short I will not leave the relationship. I will not run free. I will stay. I'm going to allow myself to be hurt.

I Will Hold Nothing Against You

I'm gonna forgive and then forget that it ever happened. Turning the page to build anew. I will continue to forgive you over and over. Even when it enraged me. Even when you let me down. When I counted on you to move the mountains. No matter what, unconditionally.

I Will Be Open With My Feelings

Three strikes and you're out was my method of choice. I would let the resentment build-up in me towards that person until I had enough.

From the moment something vexes me you'll know. I will share with you how I feel always.

I Will Be Everything You Need Me To Be

Whatever you need me to be and so much more. Trust me when I say I got you- I got you. I'll treat you like the king you are. Serve you the tastiest meals. Have your house spotless. I'll strengthen you when you can not go on. All your needs met.

Change Is Inevitable
Change Is Inevitable

All this because you're everything. You put a song in my heart. I feel it when I'm with you. I refuse to let my mannerisms get in the way of a lifetime with you.

I Will Love You
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  • megaman242

    Some things to get a healthy life and a healthy relationship is this. Work on your self first, take care of your self first. Try and fix your problems and problems you have in life in general. Be comfortable with doing thing on your own, find hobbies and thing you are passionate about. Be as healthy as you can be. Now you are ready to look for someone, but as a friend, don't look for someone to be with all your life, but look for friends and take your time to get to know someone and don't mistake caring for love. What will happen is you take your time, you don't stress, you are happy with your self and the friends you have, and all of the sudden you find that one friend who is not your friend, but your best friend, that one friend who love you and you love back. Now your there. Don't rush.

  • El_Heffe

    You're awfully young but very well thought out a well written My Take. If half of the young adults could speak and write half as well as you do. They might be a bit more easy to understand.
    I also see that you're the type of person who like I mitigates the negatives that surround us by concentrating on the most important relationship in one's life. Keep doing what your doing and your mate will not even daydream unless its about your love.
    Keep doing My Takes too.

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  • Hitchhiker42

    Sounds sweet as hell 10/10 ✌️

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  • Kitos

    This is how every date or start of relationship should be. If you don't show this in the beginning of a relationship, you are just hiding all the good things that some men want to see immediately. If you are scared to show this in the beginning, you will lose because you should ALWAYS your 100% and not 80%. You never know who is right in front of you. Could be your possible future spouse or twin flame.

  • So, is this directed to someone in particular or?
    Lovely message and all, but a bit confusing.

  • Casper1227

    This was really nice

  • jimmy2

    Very good to a wonderful life

  • Anonymous

    Are you adressing a particular person with this? If so or not can i use this for the same purpose?

    • yes i am

    • sure, u can use it

    • Anonymous


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