Personality Experiment


The other day, I found myself watching this TV series about an experiment of falling in love with someone based on their personality first. Men and women were put into rooms and they could talk and communicate with one another without ever seeing each other, granted getting to know someone for ten days (without seeing this person) does not warrant an engagement which was the result of the experiment. However, I found the idea quite intriguing. When I asked my friend if she could do something like this, she, of course, said no.

The way someone looks plays a big role in choosing a partner and often personality is not taken into account. I have asked multiple questions on what many people find attractive about their ideal person, many men have gravitated towards long hair, attractive face, short, etc, and when it came to the women, many went towards neat, tall, attractive, etc. Many ideas went to looks first, but then you dive into what personality they look for then it goes into " someone sweet, not clingy, funny, respectful, passionate, adorable, kind, etc", the problem with this is that you won't always find someone with the wanted personality fitting the wanted looks.

Expectations are set high unnecessarily because we always take looks into account first, and yet we also ask that that specific attractive person also has the ideal personality we are looking for too, seems very much unrealistic no? And yet we won't give the other person a chance because "my friends don't think he is attractive", "she has short hair", "she has a bad laugh", "he's too emotional", "she wears too much black", etc, its amazing how people find faults in something natural and in something that they have no business wanting to change. A quote that that I always remember is "You choose the love you think you deserve" and often times its a subconscious move. If you try and change other people, bad or good, know that you are the one with the problem and something about yourself needs to change first.

Personality Experiment
Personality Experiment
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  • JohnDon9
    Rightly put , people ususally go for the visual appeal at first and they tend to back out on how the personality is , and when people get with personality they back off on the visual appeal. Either way everyone is in search of a perfect one , and yet relationships only work out through compromises. The course of relationships have changed over the years , people dont want to make efforts to adapt. Its sad , the definition of love and relationships is different from the way it was a few years ago but there is hope. There are people who believe in unconditional love
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  • Good take. I agree people put too much importance on the physical. The thing is physical attraction can happen right away. Attraction to their personality takes more time to develop, at least for me. And noone wants to take that extra time these days. Both the men I married , neither would of been what I'd of chose based on physical. I feel in love with the who they were, and how they treated me. But that developed over months and lots of time spent together. And these days, people just text and then think you gonna jump into bed with them. I'm not anyways, but specially if you aren't physically attractive. You want a real relationship, and want me to get to know and love you and not just your physical you have to give me the chance to see that side without the pressure of sex or dating other people.
  • Doody22
    There is a comedy song called lower your expectations by Bo Burnham on youtube which covers this topic quite well I feel.

    I do think you need to find the person your with attractive to a degree but personality and common values are more important, even if your are attractive now you won't be forever.
  • Kaneki05
    I am the other way around, i need a person with the right personailty which for me is apparentally hard lmao. No one seems to be anything like me.

    Looks i couldn't really care like of course the more attractive the better but not bothered.
  • lunaminx
    Personality is what I always go for first if I see he’s got a good one is when I know he is good for me
  • tarzha
    I think the way you have spoken on this subject is very truthful. looks fade though eventually, unless you take care of yourself while young firstly. But you will be with someone who might have the worst personality, how does one live life that way?
  • mikesafa
    personally make you very attractive. I notice that a lot
  • skymanjj
    Most definitely
  • Zoi02
    My experience their pansexuals.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take