Why All Women Are Manipulative Liars


First of all, you might be wondering if the title to this mytake is "clickbait". The answer is ABSOLUTELY. Of course not all women are liars. I am sure any woman reading this is an exception to the rule. But I would argue that most women are liars.

Any woman reading this will be so blinded by how offensive the title is that she will be governed by her emotions. While men are governed by logic and reason, a woman will be so invested in her emotional state reading this right now that she won't even bother to realize that she is a liar herself.

Why All Women Are Manipulative Liars

The other thing to note is whether it is a bad thing that women are liars. I would argue that just because women are liars it is in some ways a good thing. But it is confusing.

What do I mean by all women are liars?

What I mean is that a woman since the day she is born is conditioned not to be strong and independent and express her truest feelings and thoughts. It starts by making new girlfriends with white lies. Saying you like Anna's dress when you dont. What she gained in return was the friendship of Anna. So then they grow up learning that women can get things by dishonesty.

So now the man asks for her number for a date. She gives out her number without any intention of calling her. Because women are liars and are afraid of confrontation. Or a woman is no longer in love with a man so she starts fights to sabatage the relationship. She actively engages in inflicting pain because she has no courage to actually express what she believes. In romance the girl likes a guy for months but never asks him out. So she flirts, ruffles her hair, makes him jealous, does all this crap when she could have just asked the guy out. The sex isn't working? Well, she will tell all her girlfriends and never tell her man a word until she falls out of love. The woman will fake headaches or fake orgasms.

Men, because women are liars, you are expected to read her mind or its your fault you didn't heal her pain.

Why All Women Are Manipulative Liars
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  • genericmaniac
    Everybody lies. Don't single women out. We don't do it to make your life harder, believe it or not
    Is this still revelant?
    • ChiTown33

      True but women are socially "indirect". So you could say lying is in their genetic makeup.

    • nathanp97

      Chi, guys can be indirect too. Not telling people how we feel isn't direct either. Guys in general are more direct in what they say, but in many cases we don't say things we should, which is indirect too, just in a different way.

    • ChiTown33

      @nathanp97 i'd call that more of a lie of ommission than being indirect.

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  • MzAsh
    Women know that men say they want the truth but too many would lose their temper if they actually said what they truly think and feel.
    • MzAsh

      Not saying it’s an excuse or that it’s ok. I think women do need to be more honest, but you men will not like it. Just warning.

    • Unit1

      What's the hurtful truth, that you are all so very much hiding?

      You can tell me.

    • Sixgun77

      If you changed "women" to "many women" or "some women" and "men" to "many men" or "some men" them your system will be accurate and i would be in total agreement with you.

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  • AmandaYVR
    "While men are governed by logic and reason..." is actually bullshit. Guys who claim this as fact, and deny that they have also emotions too (shock), have serious issues themselves with accountability and are unwilling to accept their humanness.

    Your title being deliberately incendiary trying to cause a commotion proves nothing.

    You do not understand women. You do not understand humanity. Do them all a favour and stay away from them.

    And to the men who see through this utter ridiculousness... thank you.
    • cast277

      Of course we have emotions. If we didn't marriage wouldn't be a thing.

    • AmandaYVR

      What a pleasant surprise so many of us are in agreement here.

    • i think it's not "bullshit" that men are governed by logic and reason. i think it's just not an absolute statement. i think men are "more" logical and rational than women overall. but that's just a gender difference. i don't see that as somehow "superior" or whatever. i disagree with the negative connotation to "not bein logical". nobody can always be 100% logical. there's always some emotion involved and you can't always separate yourself from it.

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  • ttnnkkrr
    utter nonsense. thanks for writhing it but your view while typical lacks any understanding of the distinctions and ownership of truth vs perception vs reality vs communication. for example the idea that men are logical and women are not. yet it is always men complaining about hurt feelings over faked orgasms. i can go on but rewieing the thought fallacies that appear to drive so many may do more harm than good
  • Bhavin2184
    What wonderful waste of time writing baseless utter nonsense.
    Plus Asker your question should be in title:
    Why most woman are liars based on only my opinion? Please don't consider all men think that way.
    • Apope16

      haha. nice! thanks for your comments!

  • Moonchild714
    You're right All Women Lie, All Men Lie, the only People that don't Lie are very Young Children who haven't Learned to Lie. Your My Take was Not Informative, Educational, Mind-Blowing, all it Stated was another guy on GaG who has Issues with Women and rather than look at his part wants to put all the blame on All Women
  • ItsTheNephilim
    Lol didn't you manipulate when you said something in your title and gave an absurd justification for it just to take the safe side? Who are you? A 'woman' (according to you) I suppose?
  • Clarity01
    It depends on the personality, not the gender. I know a lot of direct girls and indirect guys, it's just a stereotype that girls expect guys to read their minds
  • Alice2398
    I used to be like this back in my teens because i hate fighting with people and don't want to hurt others feels so would come up with as many lies as possible to keep myself safe from bad reactions till it finally got to much and id run.

    For example if I didn't want to hang out with someone anymore id say i was to busy instead of just saying "no, I don't like you anymore" but soon people catch on to the shady side of it all.

    Im more honest with men than i am with women but I've lied to them to for same reason because im a coward. I've told a man i didn't love him when i did to protect my feelings, I've told guys im to busy to date them or completely ghosted them after a terrible date and trust me you wouldn't blame me for ghosting them if you knew the story's. I've hidden things in my past from men because i know its not who they think i am.

    I can be pretty honest at times though and most people like it and find it funny when i say the stuff everyone else is to scared to say but at the end of the day i know i lie for my own protection and im pretty sure men lie equally as much as women do just for different reasons.
    • lightbulb27

      Exactly... covers the "liar" part from at least one personality viewpoint. Antidote is confidence, security, vulnerability, love, acceptance.

    • monkeynutts

      I would not sweat the small stuff, tell the truth when it's very necessary, like being a witness in a court case, if someone could get hurt, things like that, otherwise you are under no obligation to anyone to express yourself in any particular way.

    • Alice2398

      how I justify keeping things about my past secret is the fact they never asked in the first place, it's none of their business and i deserved to able to keep somethings to myself.

  • HerLucidNightt
    "Most women will probably be emotional because I made a sweeping generalized statement about them. But men won't be offended by the title because it literally has zero to do with them. ThAt mAkEs tHeM LoGiCaL."
    • Alpha09

      This is my favorite comment by far😂😂😂

    • sensible27

      Lol, but a generally true statement doesn't necessarily have to be true in all individual cases or subsets. It is a well agreed statistics (as far as I remember and the last I checked) that woman by default are more cooperative/collaborative. Woman also tend to have higher eq which makes sense from an evolutionary psychology perspective.

    • @sensible27 i didn't say it was untrue. I said that his mindset is fucking stupid.

  • NatashaJ
    Lol, I wonder if you literally think every woman who not putting up with your BS is lying to you. Seems you rather blame women but you won't admit you're too dense in the head to figure out their signals. A woman must had hit a nerve when
    "So now the man asks for her number for a date. She gives out her number without any intention of calling her. Because women are liars and are afraid of confrontation. Or a woman is no longer in love with a man so she starts fights to sabatage the relationship. She actively engages in inflicting pain because she has no courage to actually express what she believes. In romance the girl likes a guy for months but never asks him out. So she flirts, ruffles her hair, makes him jealous, does all this crap when she could have just asked the guy out. The sex isn't working? Well, she will tell all her girlfriends and never tell her man a word until she falls out of love. The woman will fake headaches or fake orgasms." This is quite honestly sad and I don't feel sorry your feelings got hurt.
  • virtue2332
    On the real every single one of us are manipulative liars. Its in our DNA somewhere. Its how we have adapted and learned to survive. Like a possum that plays dead. Only it has just evolved over time as we have and become as complex as we have. So instead of lies to survive from predators we lie know to stack certain odds in our favor so it can seem as if we are better mates or to get what we need to survive and further our species one lie at a time.
  • danidarkroom
    Because being a bully is not an option for us. We have to use another strategy... But it is important to remember That what we see as flaws in others are what we are blind to in ourselves. Are there ways that you may manipulate or deceive? There is alwys a chance you are, in fact, the asshole.
    • Apope16

      THank you for your response. very helpful. I can kind of see your point.

  • Felicityoyo
    You sound so bitter it's actually kind of hilarious... in a pathetic way. See? I was being honest. Is that better?
    • Apope16

      Thanks for your reply. Yes. I am bitter. Most men are bitter about women. THey are tired of the games. So I am heartbroken and bitter. So what? What is your point?

    • Felicityoyo

      No point. Just being honest. But a little tip... being bitter because not every woman worships the ground you walk on isn't a great start. You're not entitled to anyones attention.

    • Jsyk @Apope16 you need to get some facts straight, I agree with @Felicityoyo being honest is good but you have to sugar coat it when talking to women or they could be governed by emotion and make a bad descision. But @Felicityoyo makes a point. You both do really. Girls are usually governed by emotion when they hear somethings remotely like they are being attacked. But i definitely know girls need to be sugar coated when talking about something serious. And so do guys. Being too honest is considered being rude, With the part about girls never asking guys out, That does get VERY annoying to the point where any feelings you had for her are now gone because she tells everyone BUT the person that matters. You both are fighting about Oh women are better Oh men are better, Both are equal as they both play different roles in life. Its like a game, The women could be the ranged archer or the healer while men are the tanks or the brutes who go in for the kill. Both are very important and we would not survive if we tried to become equal, We can't have all archers, We can't have all tanks, People think that its not equal when half of things already are but you just want to change. Read this and think with your head not your feelings. Both of you!

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  • Poppymarie
    Wow. I have never used this word in my life, but this is misogynistic. I’ve never done any of these things before and I’m pretty sure most of my friends haven’t either. Funny how things always turn into a war between men and women on gag...
  • OptimisticDaria
    This is interesting to me. This "opinion" you posted seems all to similar to the way my friend and I communicate with other students we don't think too highly of. We say ridiculous things based of a whim we may have thought of while taking a shit or something and wait for the reactions.
    It's cool to see the ways people react, and it's almost always two to three side that everyone flocks to. I personally enjoy the reactions because most of the time l, I say the exact opposite of what I really believe just for shits and giggles, or I couldn't care less about the subject.
    This approach is temporary for me, but I believe it is necessary for me to learn how to chill out around people and their ideas.
    • Apope16

      You got it. YOu pretty much summed it up. YOu will see other takes I have made that are feminist. I am curious to how people will respond to absurdity.

    • Fabulous, its almost too much fun. Ik its sadistic, but people have done worse to ne, so why not. Lol

    • Apope16

      I like to drop a candy bar and watch all of the ants circle.

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  • RolandCuthbert
    If this forum is a testament to anything, it is that men are no longer the ones who are rational, reasonable or logical. Any analysis of this forum for a day would lead to the objective conclusion that most men here are emotionally unstable, irrational, impulsive, and unable to perform any type of self-analysis.
  • Dihiya
    I think you're exaggerating, what you described is a behavior that I've seen and experienced with both genders.
    "Any woman reading this will be so blinded by how offensive the title is that she will be governed by her emotions... a woman will be so invested in her emotional state reading this..." trust me, I'm reading this without batting an eyelash or feeling offended or any emotion at all except maybe curiosity and amusement on your (and a lot of men i presume) point of view.
    • Cortaine

      And I, as a man, am having an emotional reaction by being pissed off that someone has a right to spout this bullshit online. Does that make me illogical? According to OP, most likely, as I do not share his view.

  • MountAverage
    I could write a long answer going into detail why your post is (once again) full of shit. But judging by your responses to other answers I assume you're etirely aware of that yourself already and only create these dumb posts of yours for your own amusement. You must be pretty bored in life. That's too bad. Oh well, at least you're self-aware!
    • Its true, except, I can just about garuntee that he isn't that bored

  • TheLittleInnocent
    Like any other human being (male or female)... I lie when it's convenient _(┐「ε:)_ the only thing I manipulate is yin and yang in some video game I play. SAY IT WITH ME 👏 we 👏 ain't 👏 gonna 👏 let 👏 some 👏 stupid 👏 bish 👏 cloud 👏 our judgment 👏( i assume you have met ladies who fit this description so you assume this must be how all women are)
  • Shuri
    Women are manipulative liars because men say they are, and really for no other reason. Your example about the dress is a terrible one because women are not, in fact, brought up that way. We also are not brought up to not be independent. Sure, it's put in our minds that a man should provide for us, but in the meantime, we have to provide for ourselves. I myself was born in 1990, and I'm still not married because I'm very independent. I know what I want, and I'm not going to marry a man just to be married and cared for. I have a boyfriend, and we've been together for 8 months, but he knows that I can and will leave him should he give me a reason to not longer be there.

    The men who call women manipulative liars are the ones who try to play the game with them, and lose. They think a woman wearing a nice dress that shows cleavage means she wants sex. The approach her, finds out she does not, in fact, want sex, and now she's a manipulative liar, even though she didn't lie about anything. These are the same men who think that because they have a steady career and house that a woman should agree to go on a date with them. When she doesn't, she's a manipulative liar. These are the SAME MEN who thinks a girl who is a legitimate friend must like him because they get along so well. They come to find out that this girl does not like them as more than a friend, and now all of a sudden, she has led him on, now making her a manipulative liar.

    The idea that women are manipulative liars is an idea invented by the fragile male ego to cope with rejection and nothing more. It's no different than women saying all guys are liars and cheaters. They're coping with rejection.
  • pepper1993
    Lol I'm guessing it went like this:
    OP: Hey girl wanna go out with me Friday?
    Girl: I'm sorry I'm really busy Friday...
    OP: *sees a pic of her out with her friends that night*
    I am a woman, and ashamed. Our government has bent over backwards to assist woman, but not healthy woman rather the CLUSTER B PERSONALITY TYPE. tHIS TYPE OF WOMAN MAKES FALSE ALLEGATIONS OF ABUSE JAILS INNOCENT MEN, BRAINWASHES BABIES TO TAKE SIDES OR EVEN MAKES THEM BELIEVE THIER DADDYS AT SEPERATION SEXUALLY MOLESTED THEM. iNFRONT OF JUDGES POLICE AND THIER FLYING MONKEYS THEY THRow VERBAL SHIT AT THE WALLS AND WAIT TO SEE IF THIER GREAT ACTING HAS WORKED AND IT DOES. Healthy woman really need to get on board and recognize the covert manipulative charismatic borderline friend , ssister mothers, they are putting innocent men in jail. Imagine being a great man with huge morals and empathy and being accused of these sadistic things , being jailed, branded all because you have enormous empathy and got conned by a cluster b woman. When you first met she communicates victimhood from her past mate, a horrible childhood, so sexy soft. Men you need to educate yourselfs the best cluster bs are the ones who are covert, they express so much love like you, only thiers is fake , they are love bombing you and oonce your heart is crazy inlove with the perfect woman your entire heart mind self worth wripped out and your money, and freedom. All woman are not this way. Men need to find a woman who they seem to be semi attracted to that turns into a best friend and suddenly makes her look drop dead beautiful, not the other way around. Having a best friend who is attractive is the way you stay clear of the cluster b, who are the most seductive of them all. These woman will come at you at your lowest, say the death of someone close or act distressed that they got pregnant when they pretended to be on the pill , they aren't really stressed , its the free ride they are after and the babies the object. Men need to stop being led by their dicks and really study a new mate , keep it friends until you really know her. Sick twisted woman know exactly what men want, unfortunatly it comes with a bang and your all blown into denial. Good healthy love good healthy woman have respect for themselves so if she tells you she has only slept with one guy yet wheres outfits that expose or over the top seductive, says she's falling in love quick, tells endless stories of how she was victemised immediately, question it. I get why many men are givingup on woman but its not woman who are doing these sick twisted abusive things to men its a female with cluster b personality traits , some female families go back 3 or 4 generations of cluster b, why because tey were raised by one neglected by one and learn sick ways to take what they want, Not all girls raised by a cluster b will become one, its only the females that don't see the illness in thier mothers , and fallow the pattern, girls who could see the illness promised themselves never to be like their mother grandmother great grandmother and they were raised victimized but flourished into amazing opposite. I get why men are feeling this way , but learn up on cluster bs, us woman are being outnumbered by them and statistics is way off they are everywhere and where are the good men, killing themselves numbing their abuse with alcohol drugs jailed on false accusations on the streets homeless with mental breakdowns. Thier a real human females still here you just need to educate yourself rather then fall inlove through your dicks- mind first cause that is not love at all! Best friends first will keep you safe!
  • Rebecka33
    Well i can't speak for other women just myself. I will admit that since i 've been 40 i've liked attention when someone calls be pretty or something and my husband hasen't in a while. I hate having to bag him for that attention and after a while it gets old and in the past when i've braught it up hed get angry as if i'm attacking him although it had nothing to do with him it had to do with me. He changed real fast though when he knew that his competition was at the door and could steal me withing seconds. The only reason i almost hurt other people mostly men was because again of my own insecurties but yes can see how this may come across as minupulous. I also never had a father figure the one guy in my life that was suppose to install all that in me from a young age. So now at 40 when it all hit the fan im finally learning all that and its effects. I've had trust issues with men and now know they're not all the same and niether are women.
    • Apope16

      THanks for your reply. I think attention goes both ways. We all want to feel loved and valued. The problem is that it is skewed. Women have taken men and their attention for granted because they have lived their entire lives with men calling them, texting them, cat calling them, pursuing them. So women have basically gotten lazy. The problem comes when women approach the age of about 36. Their looks start to fade. Their child bearing years are closing. They start gaining weight and have a harder time getting skinny again. THe hundreds of guys who chase her start to fade. Now she is depressed and lonely by 40 or 45 because she was always looking for the grass greener on the other side. Basically the abundance of men until her mid 30s made her think that she could have her supply of new men to choose from forever. So then instead of marrying hottie. She ends up 35 years old and marrying the nice guy that she friendzoned for 10 years because while she has limited sexual attraction and hots for him at least he will simp and be loyal.

      Now to match what you said.. I think you have given a refreshing and authentic and honest reply. Something that I think us guys and many of the ladies commenting her can find inspirational.

  • Mystic_Nova
    Considering how the government, big business and lawyers are men, who are expert liars, this statement is false. Also, there are plenty of men who lie to women for sex and bail when she wants more or gets pregnant.
  • bamesjond0069
    Its true. And its ALL women. Even the least bad ones still "lie" or obfuscate. An example is a woman is emotionally scared her man rides a motorcycle she's scared he will die so she nags and yells and tells him to sell it. Meanwhile she finds it hot and ends up leaving him for another man with a motorcycle. she's not specifically trying to lie but she is. This behavior is the whole reason why men will tell each other to not listen to women because by doing so you base your actions off lies and it screws you over.

    Men in general do not do this at all. Men who appear to lie usually just aren't aware enough to explain something. Ie woman asks man if he loves her. He wasn't ready and so now he's like I don't know i think so but im not sure so if he thinks yes and says yes but later realizes no... that is simply him being confused and usually pressured into a situation he wasn't ready for that a girl is pushing on him.

    Its totally different motivations because the girls isn't confused but is just not telling the whole story AND her lies often directly contribute to bad situation for the man. Whereas the man is genuinely not trying to screw over the girl AND his lie doesn't directly contribute to any sort of issue to the girl other than she just doesn't like it.
  • I only tell the white lies in the example above because im deemed “too nice” not because im a woman. I’d do the same as a guy because it seems like the more respectful route. The person will eventually find out the truth. Just not from me 😂
  • loveslongnails
    This clickbait is pointless, because in the immortal words of Gregory House:
    " Everybody lies".
    Yeah. Your entire audience if guilty of it, so no matter who you're trying to bait, it doesn't matter. Everybody lies, everybody manipulates. Including you.
  • Luna1998
    I dont know what you been through but I am sorry if it makes you hate girls 😅
  • stuntbrain
    I can almost feel the emotional hysteria boiling up in response
    • stuntbrain

      Like a sixth sense able to perceive women becoming unhinged

    • Apope16

      It will be fun to watch

    • stuntbrain

      I haven't felt this excited in a while

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  • Golden_girl85
    I’m not sure what kind of women you know your allowing into your life, but it’s clearly the type of woman you’re attracting. Nobody is perfect, men and women alike. Also, many people lie to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, not to be malicious.
  • djmzes
    SimpleWhy All Women Are Manipulative LiarsWhy All Women Are Manipulative Liars
  • cth96190
    It would be accurate to say that, of the women who I have known and especially the once with whom I have had sexual and/or romantic relationships, they were all manipulative liars.
    I could tell stories that could be used by the Jerry Springer Show.
    If there were good women out there, I did not meet them.
  • hi_it_is_me123
    The same reason why you choosed such a manipulative title
  • OpenWine
    oh hey I am glad some woman actually went to prove your point and rushed to make a post about how sexist this MyTake is. it actually grabbed my attention and she was so kind to have a link to it in her feed.

    you seem to be observative, like you spoke from my experience. I don't feel any hatred towards our female friends but I also understand that this is the way it has been and you find only a few to not follow the same line.

    you could of written a book yea I could just observe the comments down there and assume "women don't handle loneliness as good as men do, they weren't forced into it" and that is a truth I know for a while now. great Take the truth Hurts!
    • Apope16

      Its a social experiment. In my next my take you will see it explained.

    • OpenWine

      it's interesting and worked like a charm

  • Liam_Hayden
    Every time I read a question that claims "All" do something that is not logically necessary I just shake my head.
  • Ericalovescats
    It's funny how guys "logic" always seems to fail when they throw tantrums over football games.

    Or my favorite losing a video game match. Lol
    • nathanp97

      Still better than trying over a broken nail. Lol

      Sport games and video games are a little different. That's just guys being guys and tapping into their inner child.

    • @nathanp97 broken nails suck and they have to do with your body
      Video games are a thing, yours is worse lol.

      I don't cry over nails but yes some do but guys are hardly paragons of rationality.

    • nathanp97

      It is just a fun bonding experience between men, and it isn't all guys.

      A broken nail is just a nail that grows back and most won't notice and those that do won't care. And for sporting events most of the guys are piss drunk.

      Girls who play video games act the same way. When you invest a lot of time into something some people get every frustrated when they lose or stuff goes wrong

  • Secret6620
    This Mytake was fantastic! I needed this laugh! Thanks 🦋
  • sp33d
    "First of all, you might be wondering if the title to this mytake is "clickbait"."
    Journalism 1o1 - clickbait gets views. No need to wonder :p

    "While men are governed by logic and reason". Are we? Or is this one of those lies you like to tell yourself?

    "What do I mean by all women are liars?"
    No explanation needed, the phrase is self-explanatory.

    The last stretch at best describes your experiences with a few hoochies.

    All in all, not convincing.
  • elisa_0
    I understand that you think this way, but this whole Take is coming from your experiences and how you view women, which comes from an emotional standpoint. Lol
  • Cortaine
    Holy crap the misogyny is strong in this one. Reported.
    • Djaay

      Oh , so you got lied to and you believed it. Misogyny or just plain truth ? Or are you you expressing yourself through invisible misandry. ?

  • DonCachondo
    I find it hilarious that women are railing against you for acknowledging the gender roles feminists claim while pointing out how it negatively affects women's behavior toward each other and toward men. They really want to live in a world where everything is men's fault, don't they? XD
  • lightbulb27
    You are onto something, it's not 100% true, but has truths and observations in it that are relevant for all. Women are indirect it seems by nature or training, or certain personalities. Men can be as well... there's a spectrum to behaviors, with some greater allocation to women or certain personalities... like those that are "more feeling" than those who are more selfish and self confident.

    The last statement is on point of the issue, but it is true of men and women... maybe more so with women since we men are striving to be with and closer to them, so we see it more... but it is definitely some male personalities as well.

    We have to learn to trust our discernment... and not be reliant upon someone elses response for our sense of well being.
  • es20490446e
    Why should women disclose to you their private thoughts?
    • Apope16

      Because they get mad atvus for not knowing what they are and fixing them. Its having to know the underlying reason behind a statement. "Baby, can you take the garbage out?" In the middle of the football game means "Baby, can you show me value and love? "

      A guy doesn't know that. He is logic based snd hears, "my wife wants me to take out the fuckin garbage now? Why not until after the game? ?"

      But she feels unloved because she's not getting attention. Thats what I mean. Thats what you dont understand

    • es20490446e

      If that was a friend of you, what would you need to do in that situation?

      How is that different that being from a girl?

  • Djaay
    The devil is the liar and manipulator who hides in beauty. Women who deny Christ as they're savior or GOD as they're GOD are embodied with the darkness in they're spirit and with atonement will occupy the slavery taste of lies , deception , manipulation, destruction and death of they're own soul.
    • Djaay

      By the way... those who solemnly choose to down vote are definitely in defiance or denial of CHRIST. Which designes your destiny straight to hell. Not my words , GODS words. there's NO middle ground. Either you're with GOD or the devil. Your choice !!

    • sensible27

      Hi john mcafee.

    • Djaay

      And who is that?

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  • MindYourEyes
    Lots of dudes lie too. XD humans are liars Hahahah!
  • nelly83
    I think that nothing you says has any validity. You’re just the typical woman hater on here because you can’t get any woman
  • monkeynutts
    Why All Women Are Manipulative Liars
  • Aislin9
    Should we just be really honest when you drop your pants, laugh and then leave?
  • Gedaria
    Anyone, van lie neither sex can say they don't. As for manipulation guys have the award for that. The way they force , and pressurise people, men and women, many a person has lost their lives through men who think of no one else but themselves...
  • Jackblue
    Women don't want to hurt feelings or make men angry (and violent). And men do that sometimes to. We have all gotten presents from our aunt and uncle or somebody else which we thought were crap, but of course didn't say so.
    • Jackblue

      As for women being governed by emotions it is really a matter of which emotions you mean. Men act out in anger more than women do, that is why we commit most of the violent crime.