Women Lie About Everything.


Women lie. They lie easily, often, and without any sense of guilt. This is all easy and rather fun to prove which I’ll show you later. The question that lingers in the air, like smoke, is how do they live with themselves given the blatant immorality of what they’re up to?

I struggled with this after I discovered my first wife was someone’s mistress at the time I married her, and that she continued in that role until her lover divorced his wife; at which point she left me and married him. My marriage was apparently used as leverage to torpedo the ex-wife. I drove round to the house he bought for her after the nuptials, big and solid as a brick shithouse.

Women Lie About Everything.

My second wife used to give blowjobs to my cameraman in the parking lot of the television station we both worked for while I was in the editing booth. How did she keep the smirk out of her eyes later? That’s the question I’m about to answer.

The key to understanding this is to realize that all women today are the daughters of slaves; slaves both in the physical sense and mental sense. Until a hundred years ago, women were chattel and were passed from father to husband at a public ceremony called a wedding. All the aggressive, self-aware, moral women were long since gone; killed in disputes with their partners or the enemies of their family and tribe. The rest greeted their conquerors as heroes, threw flowers at them and opened their legs.

As slaves, women developed a kind of prisoner mentality: no snitching with the guards, secret codes, networking, compartmentalization of thought. This went on for generations, decades, millennia, until we arrive at today where these patterns of thought and actions are genetic as well as cultural. Women live in a world of compartments. They have one for their partner, a second for their female friends, a third for a lover, and a fourth for their imagination. Actually, they can expand that number easily to create a separate box for every one of their relationships.

Women Lie About Everything.

They way they manage to live with themselves, questioned above, is to believe that nothing that happens in one compartment impacts anything in any other compartment. So, since an affair is in a separate box from a marriage, there’s no moral problem involved. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him is what they believe. If an infidelity were to occur in the husband box, let’s say with a mutual friend, well then there would be a crisis, but not of morality, but rather practicality. Her first reaction would be anger at whoever called her out, and secondly, ‘Where do I live now?’

Consider the issue of privacy. It’s a very big issue for women. They hate it, loathe it, if a former boyfriend shows up during a new relationship. He is immediately accused of “stalking” her or worse. The very last thing any woman wants is for a former flame to have a chat with a current lover. All her lies would be exposed immediately; so bad mouth him on social media, threaten to get him fired, apply for a restraining order, make “revenge porn” illegal; anything and everything to keep the boxes separate.

This is why when you ask a woman to tell you about herself, she’s momentarily stumped for an answer. Which of her many stories should she give you? Quel problème.

Women Lie About Everything.

I said earlier I’d show you proof of how women lie. Here’s the first proof: ask your girlfriend how many men she’s slept with. She won’t tell you; that’s private. Actually, she won’t tell you because if she did you’d be appalled at the number, the age of the partners, the sexual games they played, and the number of times money or favors were exchanged. What do I mean by that last crack? I mean that trips, apartment loans, car rides and clothing went one way and sex went the other. Yes, from your little Betty. Shocking, I know.

Secondly, listen closely when a friend or family member asks your partner to come over, join them for an event, or go to choir practice. She’ll say she has a cold, a previous appointment or her period, but that she’d love to join her some other time. The mother-in-law or girlfriend is mollified, and your honey will go on with her day as if nothing has happened. As is always the case with women, a little white lie is easier than honesty if it smooths over a potential social conflict.

Here’s a third proof. Listen to a woman describe a major event you both lived through, like a boat capsizing, a fight at a bar or a bride throwing up at the reception. Look for exaggeration for effect. Once you do it will stand out like a sore thumb. Women not only lie, they exaggerate everything. And exaggeration is just another form of lying.

Back to wife number two. When I demanded an explanation for her adultery, she demanded to know who told me. I gave her a name. “That bitch,” she shouted. “I’ll scratch her eyes out.”

Note that the issue wasn’t that she’d cheated on me—it was that her girlfriend had told me. The girlfriend had broken the prisoner taboo; snitching to the guard. The girlfriend had breached the invisible barrier that separates one female box from another.

In my whole life, that young woman stands out as exceptional, as an exception to the rule that women lie. She told me what was going on because my wife was planning to have her lover’s baby and call it mine. That was a bridge too far for the girlfriend, who spilled the beans.

Thank you, Ruth, wherever you are.

Women Lie About Everything.
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  • JamesRandiDebates
    I wish I could give 10,000 likes to this great post, and pin it to the front page for every site visitor to see every time they visit.
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  • Anonymous
    All women lie, cheat, and steal. They have ho concept of the immorality of any of this and are often proud of it.
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    • I am sorry for the bad experiences you have had with certain women. But please don't let those experiences harden your heart.

    • I hope you never have daughters and find peace one day, sir.

    • only as long as society allows it. bring back the pimp hand and lift the laws against killing your wife in an "entanglement" and they will get back to their place in no time.

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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Just because you had women that lied to you.. Don't mean ALL women lie... I'm so tired of hearing how women are so evil just cuz you got hurt or played.. What about all the women that have been cheated on by men? They cheat and lie too. People do period. Not very logical to blame a whole gender for the actions of some, yet men are "said" to think more logically than women.. Yeah okay, sure 🤷🏼‍♀️
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    • Downvote all you want, don't change the fact that both genders need to stop, bashing, assuming, and being hypocritical...

    • ovixs90

      Its same as women who got cheated complain about men all beeing cheaters and pigs :D but its more often you hear it from a women perspective than man blaming other gender.

    • @ovixs90 that's not true on here, I see way more men on here blaming ALL women.. All women gold diggers, all women liars, so women cheaters, all women over emotional, all women hate sex or use sex as a tool... Some women do so those things, but not ALL.. And some men do those things too!! PEOPLE period!!

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  • BlueScorpio
    Yes, women do lie. Every human being on the face of the planet, man or woman, at some point in their life has lied. It would be a lie to say no human being has lied or that only one gender lies. It's just something human beings do to avoid consequences or inconveniences, it sucks and we shouldn't do it --there's a reason why God said not to do it... but we do it.
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    • Now c'mon sir. If a women made a post saying "most/all men cheat", men would get highly offended and outraged and tell us "BOTH GENDERS CHEAT AT THE SAME RATE", " THIS IS MISANDRY FEMINSIM=MAN HATE!", and of course "JUST CAUSE YOU CHOSE WRONG, DOESN'T MEAN ALL MEN ARE BAD. WOMEN CHOOSE, CHOOSE BETTER!".

    • I'm sorry but this is why women still think they need feminism today, especially in America. When you do stuff like this, all your doing is shooting yourself in the foot and make it harder for yourself and other decent men out there. All your doing is furthering the 10 mile wide gap that already exists between man and woman and it helps no one. It just creates more bitterness.

    • Despite

      People listen to feminism and feminists though.

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  • yucychan
    Sorry you had the misfortune to know such crappy women and even made them your wives. I totally get the bitterness and hurt you went through, I really do. Some really are that horrible and disgraceful. However, there are still nice and kind people, and like what you said, exceptions to the rule.
    I sincerely hope you don't hate all women because of your ex-wives.
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  • Browneye57
    You need to understand that what comes out of a woman's mouth is simply her feelings and emotions at that given moment. Which is subject to change at any other given moment. And why it doesn't feel like lying to them - it's just what they are feeling.

    Guys employ logic and facts in their thought processes - these don't really come into play when a woman speaks. So they're just as likely to contradict themselves later - they don't see this as lying.

    Understanding breeds acceptance, and tolerance. These are 'features', not 'bugs'. LOL
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    • Anonymous

      This is all correct. Still doesn't mean I will accept it. No woman would accept her man to behave remotely similar to that. It's a double standard. And whoever has double standards has no standards at all.

    • Uh, well, no. There is the MAN standard, and then there's the WOMAN standard. They simply do not have the same standard as you. That doesn't make them wrong, or you right, it just is what it is.

      Once you understand and accept women for what they are and what their uses are, then there is acceptance. I happen to absolutely love women, have always had one by my side, since I was a teenager. But I don't put up with any of their shit either. And they know that. Once they accept that YOU are the man, and YOU are in charge, all that bullshit tends to stop. Lead, follow, or get the fuck out of the way.

    • Anonymous

      good for you. I am done with women and don't want to go back to the plantation. Never will.

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  • Mollynotgemma
    I understand everything you have said and actually believe you. As a woman I have definitely lied in the past.. haven’t we all? But as I’ve got older I have realised my lies and now at nearly 40... my new partner has made me realise it even more as I said something early on in the relationship but have since told him I lied and explained why I think I did. And that taught me so much about why I have in the past!.
    Women I think are so clever at being manipulative because they can act a certain way and get away with so much! I don’t like women. Many of my best friends are men. Because women are untrustworthy and judge and choose friends based on factors that are not personality based. Men like people for who they are! Women make friends with the girl the men fancy. We’re a very powerful kind! Women are just objects though a lot of the time and I work with 10 men and see them talking about girls that walk into the office as if they’re meat and it makes me feel very unattractive! Imagine if women went around saying.. look at his package etc.
    • Anonymous

      You're the only woman so far that gave a reasonable opinion. This is what a different woman looks like. The exception to the rule as I mention in the article.

    • Thank you. 😊

  • pleasestopthis
    The truth is that you probably only went after the skanks who spread themselves for any dude just like many women that run away after jerks that treat them badly.
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    • Anonymous

      typical female response. just blame the man. you're exactly like what I described in the article above. your not different.

    • Lliam

      Hear hear!

    • Lliam

      I was replying to pleasestopthis' comment.

  • ManOnFire
    Regardless of how accurate this Take may or may not be - and I do agree with you on many points - you wrote this from the heart and needed the world to hear you and maybe even learn from you. Men have feelings too.

    I will also add that the really terrible thing is that a lot of women take pride in how they lie, especially when they feel they "do it better" than men. So I can't disagree with what you've written too much.
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  • RemoErdosain
    To be honest, this would explain the behavior of all the women I have known to a certain degree. Not saying everyone is like that, just every woman I know, including the more honest ones, who still exaggerate and tell white lies on a regular basis
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  • MannMitAntworten
    Dear me I hate agreeing with this. However, in having women friends and them being so damn candid with me - especially surrounding their personal lives - that this compartmentalization which you refer to as boxes, well, I have to agree. They exist. Even the rationalizations you speak of which largely I must add, what keeps me from getting involved with practically every woman I happen upon because behavior can be recognizable. Now, I would not go as far as say this is entirely universal to ‘all’ women, because in my experience with women as both potential pursuits and as friends, there have been exceptions to this behavior. However, a large many do behave in this bizarre fashion in the very way you have detailed. I have seen it. I gave been party to it... and the rational... the separation of these boxes actually does exist. As does the lack of accountability you note when discovered.

    I’ll go as far as to point out that one of my closer women friends observed that women prefer men without women friends. Not due to jealousy, but because they know and worry that these women friends will translate their behavior - essentially call them on their bullshit - and not be able to get away with any of their traditional manipulations and improprieties. I will say, it has bothered several women that I do have women friend which only served to make me leery of them. Some going as far as trying to convince me certain friends needed to be cut because they “liked me”. Yeah, no. Not remotely true. But not all women were concerned and these same women seemed to have no “boxes” (or at least very few boxes to worry about). Women as friends for men are like dogs for women. They can smell out the bad apple.

    Very compelling post.
    • P. S.
      Seek out the ‘Ruths’ moving forward. You know how to avoid the rest. Let them eat each other alive...

  • CasaNorba
    amen brother!

    you couldnt of said it any better when you said that all women are the daughters of a slave. lets not forget that even worst most of these slaves aren't even around to raise their daughters.

    I'm also sorry that you were divorce raped so brutally. if you need any help or someone to talk to about me and a couple of 100 mgtows here in this site are here to hear ya
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  • Natehunter199
    I do believe there is some truth is this. I feel like im the pawn in my wifes live that she will sacrifice when the time is rite or when someone she has been waiting on is ready. But i do believe as well men are just as bad. Not saying this goes for all woman and men but there are those ones out there.
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  • Dikhla
    Not every woman lie my mother and father have been married for 13 years now and 20 meet aversary, and very in love and tell each other everything. You just yave to wait
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  • havingfun101
    Feemales have a care based ethical system (subjective), whereas males have a justice based ethical system (objective)... bam!
    A new poll suggests that women are twice as likely to lie as men – if respondents were telling the truth, that is...: https://www. theguardian. com/commentisfree/2015/jun/05/women-lie-untruths-human
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  • PushOrganic
    Thank you sir, for sharing your wisdom, experience and knowledge so articulately. So that people like me, about to graduate college and start our journies through life can anticipate and better manage these situations. Good karma is coming your way. I have bookmarked this post, thank you again
  • igaveyouanickname
    Sounds like sour grapes; become better at lie detection like the rest of us. If you're ever going to have kids, you need similar skill-sets to manage employees and women too. That's life; deal with it rather than whining about it.
  • ItsTheNephilim
    This shouldn't be long.
    Sympathies that the kind of women you met were not worth it and did you really bad but you're generalizing too absurdly.
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  • 8lutty
    boss: suk my dik and u will be promoted.
    woman: first choice: fight that boss, and have high chance lost her job.
    sec choice: go along with it
    after promoted and got stable position, start a law suit to sue that boss, as if she is a justice warrior that fight injustice, and never made a bargan with demon...
    i see most people (men or women) will choose second choice
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  • MarryMeLoba
    Because women (those with the biggest feminine part) are literally unable to seize the Boolean and Aristotelian logic, saying that a light can't be switch on and switch off at the same time (for example). If A implies B, B doesn't implies A, it's no-B implies no-A. And girls with a big feminine part can't understand this simple statement.
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  • Despite
    Lol you have to recognize bad women and many are bad.
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  • bulltaker
    I think all people lie sometimes, all the comments I am reading blaming the guy for choosing bad women are wrong, I do think for his ex to be able to get away with lying for that long says something about the lack of attention he gave her, not saying checking up or spying, just attention in general.
  • JackSmy
    I just don't have the time to read all of you EPIC, post!!
  • soleil6997
    Most are much more... flexible with the truth then men.
    But then they get allowed everything sexual by their moms during their upbringing, and men get taught to 'tough it out.
    Talk about the equality- how about all a man wants is allowed, and she just has to get tougher?
  • rames54
    That was enlightening and 100 percent on the money the female historymight be true too it's definitely believable and does help explain their motives and their lack of remorse and feelings
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  • allenwants2
    That's heavy thank you I have spent years trying to understand darn near took my life my 26 year night mare marriage and you just made complete. My understandi in 10 minutes
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  • funnygeese
    i am sorry to hear how you had bad relationships, but please don't assume that all women or girls lie.
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  • angelcat321
    Both men and women lie about everything but mostly women...
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  • OddBeMe
    If it’s the truth, your wife’s a bitch. But your anecdotal experience isn’t the norm. Most people lie to seem interesting but doesn’t cheat so blatantly.
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  • Lliam
    You certainly had bad luck with women, but you are projecting that onto all women.
    You're assumptions about all women are incorrect. It would be just as easy to say that all men lie about everything. But that's untrue, as well.
    Now you're locked into a delusion that will prevent you from ever being able to love or be trusted.

    I've had lots of girlfriends in my life, and not one of them acted the way you described.
    I'm married now and can tell you that no one could be more loyal or trustworthy than my wife.

    You are manifesting a miserable life for yourself. Your own words prove your lack of virtue. So, what sane woman could love you?

    Have fun wallowing in misery and reveling in your misogynistic theories. It must suck being you.
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  • Pasiton5
    Shit that's nothing compared to what I went through not taking what you endured lightly but I would easily switch disgusting events with you 22 years of my life wasteda complete water off time and was lucky to walk away with my sanity and clothes I had on when she decided to leave, but to go into what I endured is unbelievable unheard of and just reached a level lower than I even knew one can go, I'll only say it's not easy coming home to an empty home you longer owned and overdrawn accounts nowhere to turn and disabled and that was nothing compared to half of what I found out in the end I'll only say she's very fortunate I'm not a violent ignorant man and she not worth me losing my freedom over and if I see her in 20 billion years will be too soon, over night she completely destroyed my life for no reason at all but I was good to her what do you do keep moving forward with life,
  • Liam_Hayden
    If you mean "All women" about "everything" then you are broad brushing over 3.5 billion people based upon your own experiences.
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  • ninjafemme
    Slave is the only true thing here. I ain't no liar.
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  • mrscat
    Because women like this all wimen look down by male. I feel ashemed
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  • startingfitness
    this was well stated. I suppose you made very bad choices with women when younger, i did too, but got out a lot quicker, never got married.

    I would say, based on your theory we would have to find out and date the " snitches" but that's kind off complicated and i'm not sure if that is the best idea.

    I would think about it like this. women lie the way men fight. Many do have some natural potential for it, many are really good and some are legendary with their abilities.
    However , there are a bunch of dudes with absolutely no hands, and there are a bunch of women who absolutely suck at lying.
    Id say get yourself a girl like that. One who can't lie, or is so bad she generally doesn't even try.

    while women generally prefer a man who has hands, we should seek out the girls that are bad at their craft. I think its better than seeking the "snitches" /exceptions.
    • In my experience sometimes those "Snitches" aren't really doing it out of morality.
      Sometimes those women are actually jealous of what her cheating friend has been getting away with.
      Women are very jealous of each other, their sympathy for men in relationships is way down on the list, if it exists at all.
      They may try to mask snitching as being a good person, but they usually just want to get back at that woman or put an end to her fun.
      I don't trust the snitches either.

    • @Jameslewisanon thats a good point. And i also thought that there is a chance she wanted him for herself. Women often hype up their boyfriends/husbands to their friends at the beginning and make him appear cooler than he is, in order to get validation, and sometimes the friends will want to have a piece as well.

    • It's possible.
      I always thought women were crazy for talking about their boyfriend's dick size with their girlfriends and bragging up their sex lives.
      It usually leads to one of her friends trying to get him or at least try him out.
      It could be part of her plan when she snitches?
      I hate to admit it, but when it comes to lying it really does come natural to women, they are very good at it and they're usually one step ahead of us.

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  • lookingforsomereal
    You also have to consider who you are attracted to, and I know this may be an unapproachable thought, but maybe these trash women that you've married, you were ignoring red flags? bc I know women and men are basically the same when it comes to trustworthiness. could it be possible that you are attracting untrustworthy and selfish people into your life? I'm sorry, but no matter what, your personal experience is not indicative of ALL women. You have not had a relationship with every woman on the planet, and your survey pool is extremely biased. You should try to be mindful of what you are attracted to in a person, and if those things are actually healthy attributes. If one person in your life is sh****, then they are the problem. If everyone in your life is sh****, then you are at least part of the problem. There was a reason you were attracted to them, and there was a reason they were attracted to you. Inquire within the self, my man, and stay strong.
  • SphynxUK
    You had a lucky escape wife number 1 and 2!
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  • OceanMelon
    Dude, everybody lies
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    • I don't

    • Yes you have. And If you haven't done so currently you have in the past.

    • I can agree that everyone told some white lie at some point in their life. There's a difference between that and lying on a regular basis or having lied at some point about anything relevant. I repeat: I don't lie

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  • jinswatermelon
    Dang... how very thorough
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  • amelieknows
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  • Jmmmfi4
    100 percent truth.
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  • Trooper205
    Men Lie too. It's not a one-sided thing.
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  • ryancg
    Bro, everybody lies.
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  • badasscutiee
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  • Shocker650
    Most woman are always open for a better deal.
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  • mrArcher
    *Sad sigh*
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  • Anonymous
    I dont trust women. They are cunning and conniving. they will lie just to be able to steal from you
    • Anonymous

      that's how women survive.

  • Anonymous
    The amount of men (and women... and trolls) that have liked this mytake makes me frustrated. Yesh. So many fucking sexists on here. WOMEN aren't THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT LIE. Fuck that assumption.
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  • Anonymous
    Yup this why i don't get involved with women. You can't trust them & they have no remorse for their actions or they gaslight you. Good decision i made since my life has been less stressful without women and their lying in the way. Great take man 👍
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  • Anonymous
    I've definitely had similar experiences, especially how women are more concerned about getting caught in a lie than the morality of their choices.
    They do compartmentalize and separate love from sex better than most men.
    They can cope with open relationships better because they think they should be able to fuck everyone and their husband should still love them for their personality. 😅
    They really will say anything to try to justify their cheating and blame it on others if they're caught.
    I found the information about their slave mentality interesting.
    some women are crafty and can manipulate any situation to her benefit.
    Definitely Hypergamous and not to honestly be trusted unless you want to look like a fool. I
    Thank you for sharing this take.
    It's really quite smart.
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  • Anonymous
    Women Lie About Everything.Women Lie About Everything.
  • Anonymous
    We lie about things important.
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