Do you believe beside every great man is a really great woman?

Do you believe beside every great man is a really great woman?

I honestly do and i will tell you why i think so because of personal experience and what i have seen and witnessed. After all the questions and comments i have seen on here over the time i have been a member thought this would be something good to add.

I have seen lots of questions on here asking girls asking why is my friends boyfriend better then mine or her husband does more for her then mind does for me. Well from my personal experience i can tell you it is because of the little things the woman that is at his side (known as better half) dose for him.

I can tell you ladies, I dont care how manly your man is or acts. We all like the little things you do for us. Its reassurance for us that you truly care for us. If you dont think so, i tell you what. The next time you boyfriend/husband wakes up early for work, slip a little love letter in his lunch box. Or when your out i town, when you can sneek a grab of his good and wisper something in his ear leading up to a little fun before bed. Send him a sexy picture of your self with a message. Watch your mans whole additude change. Over the time he will do things to surprise you more offten. Not saying it allways has to lead to sex. Men just like to know that they have a loving/caring woman at their side. It can change a man whole additude in a slit second. He may wash the dishes after you cooked dinner without you asking and so on.

My wife use to allways do things that would surprise me and catch me off guard. I loved and drove me crazy but it was nice and reassuring that i had no douts she cared/loved me. When that all stoped it was like i started loosing my mojo. It has effeted me at work and haven't been finishing home projects. And the way i carrie myself in everyday life. No i can't help to wonder if she's having doubts about me or fooling around. See a mans mind wanders and wheels start turning and we can't help but think that thing's are going south. Well, thats what i have been dealing with the last 5 years. And all i get now is complaining on how things never get done and so on. When i use to be the guy that would call in a surprise order of flowers, chocolate and personal letter to be delivered to her at work when i was up in the middle of know where on a mountain during a hunting trip. Its the little things you woman do that helps us get through the everyday struggles in life and the stress we carry around. If you ladies dont believe me, give it a try for a little while. What do you got to loose. I bet you will see a different in your man for the better.

Do you believe beside every great man is a really great woman?
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  • elias_youstina
    Yessssssss sure
    I appreciate the partner that supports the other partner generally
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  • FatherJack
    My ex wife was the opposite... she became a burden and a negative in every way , hence I binned her. I have never experienced what you have , and I like being single far too much , so never will. Despite putting myself into single parenthood , I am far happier. Chores workload is same / slightly less as she did the square root of F-all around the house. Appreciate what you have... such women are rare gems.
  • R3DthatDude
    Not to swell their ego, but a good woman is an asset. For example, trumps first wife was very business savvy, she was smart. She complemented him very well and would have made a great First Lady. It’s like a female version of myself making me better. I know I worded that weirdly 😅
  • For myself I disagree, I've always been alone through the good, bad and success moments. I've never had any female in my corner my entire life not even my own mom. Granted I am far from being great but when I am I'll still be single and with no female beside me.
  • Personally for meDo you believe beside every great man is a really great woman?But I won't being involuntarily single stop me from becoming rich and successful.
  • slatyb
    Not necessarily. Sometimes it’s another great man. Sometimes it’s just a bunch of supportive friends. And sometimes it’s just him.
  • Keyboardkat
    There's an old saying, "Behind every successful man is an exhausted woman!"
  • supercutebutt
    No. Most great dudes stay away from us women. For example, Elton John.
    • 😂😂 I should have taken some notes in my younger days i wouldn't be in this situation

    • Um... Elton John stays away from women because he's gay!!! Being or not being a "great dude" has nothing to do with it! If he were not gay, he would still be a great dude and he wouldn't stay away from you women!

    • @Keyboardkat Elton is a bisexual gentleman. He was married to a woman. But then he realized that women don't make men great. Men don't make women great, either. In fact, mixing men and women is a bad idea in most instances... unless you confine your interactions to gloryhole encounters. :)

  • Deathraider
    No. For example Isaac Newton. Virgin all the way to death.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Often but not always true, so the answer to the specific question is, "No."
  • msc545
    What I believe is that behind every failed man is a vicious bitch. Not the opposite.
  • Cryptic-Game
    Not sure if it is always that way but it usually is.
  • John_Galt
    Great women... or man. But yes I agree!!
  • GREAT Mytake!
  • memer2020
    eh yeah but it's not a partner it's your mother
  • gmen26
    nah, there are many great single men and women
  • Anonymous
    Clearly not true. Both men and women can benefit from a supportive partner, but there are thousands, perhaps millions of great men alive today who don't have a great woman at their side. In fact I would argue that the kind of great woman who stood by and supported great men of the past are rare today.
  • Anonymous
    It's a nice, warm and fuzzy idea, but it's obviously not true. I have known too many examples to the contrary.