Blocked By Someone You’ve Never Spoken To? Here May Be 5 Reasons Why


Hey, what is up GaG? It’s your boy MoF here, just wanted to put together a funny Take inspired by some folks who were talking to me about how this puzzles them and kinda asked if I could write about it. So I said, hey, why the hell not. For me it doesn’t really matter, and I’ve written about blocking before, but I do know there are folks out there who are puzzled or even troubled by the particular fact that they have been blocked by someone they have never once even talked to, kissed, petted their dog, whacked the pussy, or pissed on their lawn.

But hey, if there’s any answers I might possibly be able to provide for you folks out there, I got no problem doing something a little different and breaking out the storytime for our class. So, eyes up, phones down!

You said something they find offensive

In some instances, I think some people block you who have never once even spoken to you or answered any of your questions because they feel that you as a user are offensive or have said things that got them in their feelings. They’ve commonly seen you and your answers, comments, etc. around a social forum and don’t like you as a user or what you say. Maybe you talk a lot about pounding that ass, proclaimed your undying love for Trump, have said black people love watermelon and fried chicken (M,m!), said something sexist, etc. So they want to ‘block you out.’ They have that right, they can do what they want. Maybe those people really are pigs, but eh, I can live with them.

Blocked By Someone You’ve Never Spoken To? Here May Be 5 Reasons Why

Personally I think that if you are ever blocking someone for reasons like this you are showing the very opposite of what you think is smart, tough, whatever. It obviously means you give a person power over you to do this and you let them get to you. And also, they should know that the Internet is going to be full of people, aliens, ideas, words, etc. that are not always going to be sweet, nice, or what we all want to hear. So if you’re blocking people you’ve never met because you find them offensive, you’re going to end up sending a lot of people to blocker’s prison.

But, to answer this for some people, this can be a very likely reason you have been blocked by someone you’ve never even spoken to.

They might actually know you

Might seem crazy but never say never! If twins can grow up to marry another set of twins, and each couple has more twins, I think the likelihood of someone blocking you because they know you isn’t entirely impossible…I think.

A more Twilight Zone-ish situation, but probably not that common, is someone may have blocked you without ever communicating with you on a platform is because they recognize you and blocked you so you won’t ever talk to them or see them. They might know you personally and if you have your picture up, they know who you are and don’t want you to see or talk to them. Or they may even possibly identify you by things you say or the way you write, and they just know that no one else does it as blood curdling as your boss, or as poetically sweet as the girl in the billing office.

Blocked By Someone You’ve Never Spoken To? Here May Be 5 Reasons Why

What is their reason? Maybe you’re a co-worker and they just became a new user to a site and they see you but don’t really want to interact with you and they don’t want you to know they’re also on it, which could be understandable for sites like GaG and others. Maybe she sucked your dick in L.A., or was dating you but then ghosted, and she recognizes you but doesn’t want you to see her. Maybe he cheated on his wife/girlfriend by pounding you and it got really messy (messy!😈), and now he sees that you are also on this site and wants to make sure you don’t ever come into contact with him again. They have now just made sure that can never happen.

They want you to notice and hope it gets to you

Planet Earth is a sick place full of narcissists, vampires, and zombies so don’t be surprised that there might actually be people with the menacing intent of blocking you in the hopes that you will notice and that it will get to you. And they will want you to wonder why and never figure it out. Or they may even think by blocking you that you will figure out why. Or even care. But if we never even spoke, I don’t think I’m gonna get the memo on that one.

Blocking is usually passive-aggressive, and blockers do want it to get to you, so the worst thing you can do is let it bother you. Don’t give people power over you, it’s what they want.

They got the wrong person

Now this really has happened to me before. Yeeeeears ago when I used to be on the now dead and defunct forum Experience Project, I actually used to ask friends of mine if they could contact members who blocked me to find out why (Hey, I was 21 at the time, gimme a break!).

Blocked By Someone You’ve Never Spoken To? Here May Be 5 Reasons Why

Believe it or not, this occultic Internet magic I used of contacting the dead through friends often did result in the person who blocked me to unblock me. A few times my friends would get blocked by some people too for reaching out to them on my behalf but, hey, you win some you lose some.

Having said that, there were some instances where the person who blocked me got it all wrong and thought I was someone else they had a beef with. Literally they would be like, “I blocked you because you kept spamming my questions with stuff about butt sex/I blocked you because you’re friends with so and so,” and I would be like, “Uhhhhhh, no. You got that all wrong.” After explaining this to them, they unblocked me. A few of them even added me and we became friends.

So don’t be surprised. Some people are selective readers, not paying attention to everyone they’re seeing or talking to and block you by mistake. It does happen. You may have an avatar or even a username that is similar to someone else’s, so in the other person’s attention-deficit brain they think you’re the person they’re after, and drop the wall on you.

Their female friends asked them to block you

This is super common, and is one of the popular forms of Internet bullying. I used to experience this frequently myself eons ago on other sites. If there is a female on there who hates your guts, kidneys, and spleen and you have actually sparred with them or had disagreements, she will literally go through the motions of asking - or even trying to manipulate - her weak-minded friends to also block you, even if they’ve never associated with you.

Blocked By Someone You’ve Never Spoken To? Here May Be 5 Reasons Why

Guys are part of this problem too and if they worship the ground a girl walks on (and her menstrual blood too), they will very easily let her tell them to block someone they’ve never met either. People talk about other users in DMs all the time, and one of the biggest things they do is encourage each other to go against another user, and chicks are narcissisticly famous for this. So if you’re ever wondering why that person you never met blocked you, this can be a reason why.

We hope you enjoyed this post

So I hope these answered your burning question for the folks out there who are puzzled or tearful about this unfortunate event. If you feel that this Take was helpful in any way, please leave your comments below and don’t forget to take our quick 5 minute survey and possibly have a chance to win a GaG trip to Hawaii! That’s all for now.

Namaste, and good luck.


Blocked By Someone You’ve Never Spoken To? Here May Be 5 Reasons Why
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Most Helpful Guy

  • ShadezMcgee
    Interesting take on this. Most of the time I fall in the first point by not having direct contact with those that blocked me, although some of them were probably anon when I answered a question they had that either offended them or pissed them off resulting in the block, but whatever.

    The one that had my notice was the one about women asking their friends to block you as well.
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    • ManOnFire

      Oh yeeeeeaaah, I forgot we probably do come into contact with them when they're anon, yeah. Yes, a lit of chicks try to create groups where everybody hates you. They do this in real life and online.

    • Thanks for MHO.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Redhead999
    For me on this site it seems to be the case that if you have opinions that are different from their own and when they can't disaude you with their counter argument or you prove them wrong or you don't react to their feeble insults they block you.
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  • Cherry234
    This is interesting to know. Thanks for your insight. I didn't even think most of the reasons you mentioned (expect for reason 1) could be potential reasons why someone would block you. I've blocked some people because of reason #1. I've blocked some users on here who are misogynistic, homophobic/transphobic, and one who is a racist troll. I really don't think this makes me a coward or a weak person. I can't tolerate bigotry and I honestly don't want these people showing up in my feed. I honestly think racists, sexists, homophobes, transphobes and other bigoted people are worthy of being blocked.

    I've also blocked people for being rude/disrespectful to me or for harassing me. I can accept that people have different opinions even if they're being assholes. I don't like them and I don't like what they say but I don't block them either. Examples are people who are pro-lifers, people who slut shame, and people who talk about whether student loans should be forgiven. They say offensive shit but I usually choose to ignore them most of the time. I don't follow them and if I was originally following them then I just unfollow them.
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    • ManOnFire

      Meh, there are lots of people out there I'm no fan of and I don't like everything they say, but I can live with it.

    • Snsl153

      You might not like a person because of his or her opinions on student loans? So are you for, or against, those loans being "forgiven"?

    • Cherry234

      The thing is some people are assholes about student loans. They shame people for taking out student loans when they struggle to find jobs or jobs that pay well with the degrees they got. I'm in favor of forgiving student loans for people who are poor or whose debt level is significantly higher than their income level. So yes, I can dislike people because of their opinions on student loans. I tend to dislike people who lack empathy which some of those people do.

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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    I don't block anyone on G@G and anyone who blocks me must be
    a very special snowflake, I'm an honest person if they did block me
    I would like them to add me or follow me on here so I can talk about things
    over on what I did wrong, thanks for your MyTalk and sharing it with us
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  • Aerissa_Jade
    I just wish they would code it better to not show questions/mytakes from people who have blocked you or you've blocked. Such poor design right there. Otherwise it is their loss if they want to block me.
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    • ManOnFire

      GaG is so poorly constructed it's not even funny.

  • CasaNorba
    kickass article brother!

    I would like to add more to the list. another reason could be that they know your reputation on this site. like for example if you're for hitting feminists where it hurts them the most then someone who supports such nonsense is obviously going to block you because that is the only way they can sleep at night without ever worrying of running into you
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  • Sour-rose
    Literally got blocked just a few days ago because the guy's brain said "she's a racist". :)...

    Welp, you can't be the good person to everyone in this world.
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    • ManOnFire

      Why did he think you were racist?

    • Sour-rose

      No idea. I said basically he is right to be mad with a bish who didn't like his thoughts because that's none of her business as a doctor and keep that shi to yourself. Aaaand he claimed I was racist. I didn't understand and understand why the beef. He didn't wanna lemme explain that he's mistaken and claim I was a racist and blocked. :)

    • ManOnFire

      People online have serious inner issues lol.

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  • EnglishEuropean
    I can't honestly say that I never blocked anyone just because they were egregious trolls or they expressed views so far beyond the pale that they have no place in a public forum. Even though I might never have interacted with them directly, or had any desire to.
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    • ManOnFire

      Exactly. Never a true need for it.

  • exitseven
    I agree with the one about the female friends. Evidently there was a whole back channel of discussions about a question I posted. The next think I knew 5 or6 people blocked me.
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    • ManOnFire

      Yep, it's extremely common. Funny thing is that these chicks spend time chatting with each other in DMs about users, and think none of us knows it.

    • Even on a time wasting forum that seems like a waste of time but whatever lol

  • TangBang69
    Had an ex insist that I block this guy on fb because he was a creeper that liked to stalk her and would also likely spy my profile for info on her. Without putting much thought to it I blocked him. I am 50% poetic romantic 50% political activist and for most part say what I have to say to prominent, professional, elected and/or oath sworn people without hiding my identity. Sometimes though for sensitive or volatile stuff I use a ghost account from which I decided to check this guy out... lol, what I found was that I had blocked myself from the ability to see the interactions between him and my "girlfriend".
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  • Vegasrunner
    Lol good take. Actually the "blocking" on this site reminds me of how women in person will leave or get upset when you challenge their opinion in person. I get blocked a lot online and have had plenty women storm off, hang up etc, I always think of it as a badge of honor.
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  • Dontaaaa
    Yeah, when someone blocks me like that I usually think it's because of the 1st and/or 3rd reason.

    I also had this thought in the back of my head that pfp alone can be enough for you to get blocked by some of these people.
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  • Moose304
    I don't generally block. However, once I see I have been blocked I return the block and my blocks are forever. I also don't let a block bother me. A long time ago I came to know that I am an asshole and just let that crap roll off me. It is what it is.
  • anon1903
    Great take. This has to be the most fun, informative one that you've written.

    I've never actually wondered. I'm usually more than well aware of why I'm getting blocked lol. 🤪
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  • bamesjond0069
    People who block people over just comments they disagree with are honestly trash people. If you read this and block me i think a candy wrapper on the side of the highway has more value than you. Literally.
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  • ArtemisSilver
    Generally I only block people who are overtly mentally ill, just because it kind of makes me sad, or if they're annoying in a way that isn't funny.
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  • TrillXHippy
    I got blocked because of my question. Old man didn’t like what I said under additional details and decided to let me know that he’s going to block me, from time to time I would comment on a girl’s questions on here and it turns out that she blocked me lol (when I was going to comment on one of her questions it said that I couldn’t because I was blocked lol), guy kept inviting me to his “who would cum first questions?” and he got offended cause I told him to stop. It was about Tom Holland and Zac Efron. I offend people without even trying which is understandable
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  • "proclaimed your undying love for Trump"
    How is that anywhere near comparable to saying black people like watermelon or pounding a girl's ass?
    • Echosoul

      Support a racist vs are racist. Not so far apart

    • @Echosoul 75+ million people voted for him, albeit some voted for different reasons...

    • @Echosoul I find it hard to believe that 75 million people are openly racist or even say bad things about black people in the US, and that's even *if* Trump is racist.

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  • EffaMan
    Very nice topic
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  • Anonymous
    Blocked me? Who cares? I blocked you? Good for you! ha ha
  • Anonymous
    Everyone who gets blocked never blames themselves for it.
    HelpfulDisagree 2 People
    • ManOnFire

      Because most times people are getting blocked because the other person is simply pissing their pants about them. 99% of the time blockers do not ever even communicate to the person how they're offending them or making them feel threatened, they just have an attitude about something that person says. If they're actually harassing or stalking you, then I would blame the person who gets blocked. Otherwise, get the fuck over your feelings and just don't talk to or follow them.

    • Anonymous

      You don't have to talk to or follow someone in order to block them. lol

      " 99% of the time blockers do not ever even communicate"

      How do you know you've never talked with them? I post both anon and non-anon. Most of the jackasses don't see me post non-anon, because I've blocked them. Life is too short to put up with jerks.
      I'm not saying you're a jerk, but if you get blocked, you might want to take a look at the man in mirror.

      Delete me.

    • ManOnFire

      "You don't have to talk to or follow someone in order to block them. lol" - Someone forgot their medication. That's what this Take was about! People who block others that they don't talk to or follow.

      "How do you know you've never talked with them?" - That is exactly why you know. Someone who has blocked you but never talked to you, has obviously not told you why they're blocking you. Have YOU? Are these jackasses ACTUALLY being a jackass towards you? Or do you feel that they're jackasses just because you don't like something they said?

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