Miserable relationships, no thanks ever :P

Miserable relationships, no thanks ever :P

I was watching a scene from a show recently and it made me think of relationships more broadly. It wasn't a romantic scene, more like a falling out between an adult son and his late old man.

Anyways, it got me thinking though how, I could never, ever, settle urgh awful word settle either, for a relationship a romantic relationship where a woman who, sure might be gorgeous and a 10/10 however...they don't like hugs or they don't like having some standards about themselves but enjoy the thrill of never taking life seriously much like myself. But I'm still sensible and not reckless. I'm no rebel. Lol. If ever have been.

Ah well. Point of the story here, or the viewpoint here, I think there's many people myself included who see attractive people or have had relationships with attractive people which quickly disappears if in the beginnings it's realised, or even people we just thought could be friends, platonic friends, of either genders, and then realise later on or up close that they're actually not the person they seemed like or could be like or seem, you know, I just love how we can always be fooled by our instincts and be fooled by our guesses, and never ever not be taken aback by it:

and cue the taken aback emoji that always makes me smile, cue 😬

I loved this myTake. I just like it as a general statement thing about any and all types of relations. 😁

Miserable relationships, no thanks ever :P
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