This world is screwed up around relationships!

This world is screwed up around relationships!

Girl rejecting the guy; sorry I dont want to date you because your not hot, too short, not buff, not rich, not a bad boy, a virgin, you dont want to have sex, too caring, too skinny, too fat, small dick. If the guy reacts badly then he is immature and stupid.

Guy rejects a girl; sorry, you dont have big boobs, too big of boobs, flat butt, no sex, too big of a butt, too fat, not caring enough. The girls react like "he is such a selfish horrible human being" and everyone believes her and now everyone abandons you. (Didnt happen to me, just been rejected for being too short)

Breaking up; girls seem to like to leave a note or a text saying we are breaking up, the guy has to take it well, dont cry, and get over it in a week. If he doesn't, he is not a man. The girl will break up for either stupid reasons, or made up reasons. (Some are acually legit like he cheating, he's abusing, or stuff like that.) She says she just doesn't feel the Same way you are an amazing person and the best boyfriend I ever had but just not into you, but says he did nothing wrong. Wtf, if nothing is wrong with him and he's an amazing person, was he too caring and nice? You want a toxic man for you? Why do girls only go after toxic guys, say there's no good guys, get with a good guy and just breaks his heart which turns them into toxic guys and say your just not my type. Excuse me!!!! You said you wanted a nice guy!!!! Wtf!!!!

Guy breaking up; he says he found someone else(which isn't right either), too many personal problems, or she changed too much. (Like turning into a selfish person). She can not take it well, go crazy, threaten him, cry, and everyone will be on her side and call him a disgrace. She will then spread rummers around and think it's right and everyone believes her, but if a guy does the same it's wrong and everyone will hate hime. Wtf.

The hell is wrong with this world, girls dont care about anyone else other then themselfs, and are hypocritical. Everyone bends to them even if it's wrong. They would break up with someone just because either they get a but too busy or not falling in love even if they say he is everything she would ever want in a relationship. But because one thing goes wrong in her life she will dump the guy at a moments notice just because she thinks it will make everyone better for her. Breaks up over text, and expects the guy who fell in love with her and did everything for her, tried to make her happy every day to take the break up well. Sorry lady! He is going to change into an asshole probably all because of you. I dont understand why. Girls are taught to only look out for themselves and not care for anyone else other then themselfs and being independent in life is better then being in a relationship. Guys are taught to bend to the girls will, not cry, and work. Get up, work, eat, sleep. Like a good little robot. This world is screwed up!

This world is screwed up around relationships!
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  • SK8-Benny7
    I respect you ih until u gotten to breakups. Bro who cares who cares who cares!!. she's just a girl. 7.2 billion of us is on this planet. I dont give a f@#%! That a girl broke my heart. Everybody fall in and out of love every day. I will never cry over a girl I have better things to cry over.
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  • Phoenix98
    While all that is true there are a lot of fucked up guys in the world to that screw over good women.

    Neither side is free of wrong doing when it comes to screwed up relationships many of us on both sides have been burned.
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    • I know. It's terrible and nobody learns.

    • Phoenix98

      Yeah it's a shame because those people ruin the good ones for the rest of us.

    • It will forever be that way, and the people who are good are shamed for it.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    Can you please delete mgtow incels. It should be forbidden to make an hatespeech about women or in generak
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    • Anonymous

      Can you please delete mgtow incels opnions**. It should be forbidden to make an hatespeech about women or in general**

    • It's not hate speech if this is what I see and experience. there's messed up sides about both, the problem is when a girl does something messed up she won't get in trouble and all the blame always goes on the guys.

    • And I said the world is messed up with relationships. Nobody cares about eachother and life anymore and it pisses me off.

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  • Randomawkwardness
    It must be hard to complain when you can't spell "you're' & don't even have readable grammar 😥
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  • Apple1996
    Loving this pic
  • LightEnd
    According to women. You will always be the dick. They are masters at making things your fault, having double standards, and not living up to what they expect from others.

    Just focus on yourself and making yourself better. Then when you have your game tight, you won't be able to shake all the gold diggers off of you. Just make sure and protect your assets from being siphoned.

    Good luck!
  • ZackBan
    Well that's only true if you let it be true. You can chose not to be a robot. To cry when you're sad, to refuse to bend over to anyone's will. Sure it might be harder for you to find a relationship then but when you do you'll find one worth keeping.
  • DonCachondo
    Bold of you to assume America is the whole world. How very American of you...
  • BlessedDaddy
    Next time you get hurt like this brother. Talk to me before you post anything.

    It's only that way if you let it be.
  • 32DD_yeye
    OMFG thank you dude I think the same fucking way! And nothing wrong with being short, short guys are cute i've dated some in the passed!
  • Gatman34
    So many guys are desperate who put women on pedestals. Until guys have sold self respect and quit chasing nothing will change
  • bamesjond0069
    Not all girls think this. The ones that do obviously i and many other men fuck them and just use them until they move on. Your mistake is trying to date skanky hos.
    • Using people is absolutely wrong. I just want to find a loyal person that's loving and not selfish. But this dam world scred everyone up.

    • Why is it wrong to use someone who is trying to use or abuse you? I dont think so

    • Revenge is never good, two wrongs dont make a right. Treat others how you want to be treated. And if you dont like being used in the relationship then dump the person.

  • Plitty-Tank
    True. People are immature usually and if their relationship was built upon the Lord Jesus Christ, they wouldn't be seeking so many breakups.
  • TheFlak38
    It's what happens when you live in a gynocentric society in which all men=bad, all women=good. Believe all women.
  • Ianto
    Actually "This world is screwed up" was sufficient.
  • Vanshika4424
    Well in above cases both girls and boys are wrong and they should work On their flaws
  • Games_
    U realise girls have it harder right?
    • newblinds

      Help me to understand how girls have it harder.

    • Games_

      I mean unlike guys, their entire life is based on the value of their look lol

    • Games_

      If u are genetically ugly as a girl, say good bye to having a girls high standard in looks. Ur gonna have to opt for the ugly guys or the below average ones.

      Ull prolly only score a hot guy if he's very insecure or desperate.

      On top of that, the constant jealousy from other girls and the fact most guys won't ever approach a good looking girl because they are nervous, so even if u look good, ull just only attract jack asses.

      And more if u wanna know lol

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  • Destin_k
    My man out here preaching the truth
  • brfizzle801
  • Caleb103
    Welcome to life son
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take.
    • Boppy

      Neat profile pic.
      I forget what those rock formations are called, but it's neat how often they show up in the world.

    • @Boppy fairy chimneys but the Turks in the west don't know either. this is the van fairy chimneys

    • Boppy

      Nice and mysterious~
      Strange geology is great fun to discover. I went and saw the ones down in Colorado, called Hoodoos, but Fairy Chimney is a fitting name.

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  • wildbilly123
    That picture is absolutely hilarious...
  • McLaughlin1991
    That's was a good read
  • jimmy2
    Love the baby
  • Anonymous
    Welcome to the Decline of the West