My boyfriend wants to swing.

My boyfriend and I are already having a host of problems in our relationship mostly relating to his covering up his bisexuality and cross dressing habits and talking secretly to people online, on Craigslist. He swears he's never physically cheated on me, but he says he feels that it's "soon to come."

We've been separated since the last few days of April and seen each other twice for about a week since then. I'm moving back to Pittsburgh where he lives at the end of August, and before that he will be visiting me a third time, in about a month.

So now he says he wants us to swing because he thinks it will keep him from cheating, while I feel that that's an excuse to cheat right in front of my face so he doesn't have to feel bad or hide it. I'm terrified of the idea. For one, I don't want to share the man I love with anyone. And I certainly have no desire to sleep with someone else. I'm with my boyfriend because he's the person I love. But he says it's for sexual exploration and fun. Second, who in the world would we do it with? How am I supposed to know they are clean and safe? Third, wouldn't it just ruin our relationship anyway?

To guys: I want to know if there's any actual real sense and respect for me behind this. Can he love me and still feel this way and do the things he's doing?

To everyone: I know I'm stupid. I don't know how to explain it other than I really do love him. I feel pretty dumb.
My boyfriend wants to swing.
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