So, this guy says "I love you" to me jokingly but what does it mean?

OK, so there's this guy and he is constantly teasing me. he says that "I'm beautiful" but in a way it sounds sarcastic, but it also sounds like he means it. and he also constantly tells me that he "loves" me and he smiles at me a lot. so, does this mean he likes me, or is he just having some fun?!? please help me!


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  • well, if he's constantly saying this then it means that he does like you. he just says it sarcastically becasue it would be a little weird if he said it and you guys weren't together don't you think. that's his way of expressing his feelings towards you, through sarcasm and jokes. he obviously likes you a lot so return the favor. you could end up in a relationship . good luck.

    • Thanks! but what should I do exactly? I mean, should I make the first move or...

    • Dang, your age says 18-24 but your question says 14 lol. if he's not doing it then he's a pussy, so you grow some cohones(balls) and you make a move, stop being all scared and what not (figuratavly ofcourse lol). from what I read I'm sure he will respond to it and you'll probably end up going out with him. what's the worst that can happen? he doesn't respond? if so then move on kid. don't mean to sound mean but I gota be honest...tough love lol. well good luck!!!

      itll work, just shoot for it

    • Thank you!

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  • well there is a guy who despite the 2 other relationships he has had during this time , he looks like very much into me, he still stares at me whenever he sees me (eventhough he is with his now girlfriend) in a very deep way.he forgets what he is doing and focues looking at`s about 2 months he has been flirting with me on distance never making a move.

    today I gave him a beer , which I knew he really wanted that moment and he said to me smiling `i love you` , `you are the girl`.then he looked at me , like he wanted to see what would I do.

    what would you say to that turkarican1?