When a guy jokingly says I love you?

I know it doesn't actually mean actual love but could that mean there are some feelings there?

there's a guy i have a thing for. He always jokes around with me. He does it with everyone else too but its different with me. We get childish. We argue over dumb stuff and he sticks out his tongue at me and makes faces. Its so funny. Lately, he's been very touchy. Hell come from behind and grab my shoulders. Or he'll stand next to me and elbow me and he gets sort of close to my face but we push eachother.

He always helps me out though. We are salesmen and he always hands me sales or he shares with me. The other day, he worked with my friend and he didn't share at all and i said that was messed up so he shared the next one. One day she asked him why he keeps sharing with me and he said because he had a thing for me and i knew. She also asked why is he so mean to me, that if it was a preschool thing and he said yeah. Lately when he does things for me, he tells me its because he likes me.

Just the other day, we "fought" about something and i just laughed and kept doing what i was doing and he smiled at me and said, "i love you." I just laughed and said ok cool. Later that day i was alone and he comes over and tells me. "I dont want you to think im a jerk. I am sorry if i offend you or if im being really mean. Just tell me if i am" and im like, "no you're fine" and he kept apologizing and i said no its ok. And he's like, "if im getting annoying, and you tell me to stop. Ill stop. Just let me know." And i told him he's not annoying. And as he was walking away and i said, "no. Dont stop. Keep doing what you're doing," and he said, "really? Well ok. Thank you for that" and i said no problem. I don't know where that came from.

I've never had a guy pay this much attention to me so im not sure what it all means. Especially the i love you thing. I doubt he meant it right? We were several feet apart when he said it.
When a guy jokingly says I love you?
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