My girlfriend is very religious but I'm not, and I'm afraid it is going to end our relationship?

I am not atheist, but I really dislike organized religion for a lot of reasons. My girlfriend knew I wasn't religious, but I am supportive of her being religious. As long as you are a good person I don't really care what you believe. Well the other day she texts me and says she feels we never have serious conversations. She said I am too silly/goofy all the time and she wants to have more debates and talk about the future and religion. I was taken aback when she said we never have serious conversations... it makes me feel like she thinks I have nothing important to say. This kind of all came out of no where... I always try to be a positive and goofy person (within reason). I normally dislike talking religion or politics because nobody has the same views and in my experience, turns into a fight, even if you agree with each other. I keep to myself and allow others to keep to themselves. Plus since religion isn't that important to me, I am not going to bring it up in conversation.

We ended up having a very long conversation about my views on religion. I had already told her the basics of my views a couple months ago, but I went way more in depth into my reasoning for why I am not religious. She seemed understanding, but I get the feeling that it was sort of a deal breaker... I've been very stressed out. I stressed to her that if she wants to talk about these things, she needs to bring them up, because I am not the kind of person to start a conversation like that. I really dislike debates because most people are stuck in their ways, so it always feels like an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. I also told her that I do not dislike religion and support her, but it's just not for me. I have always been pretty moderate in my views.

Have you guys ever ended a relationship due to religion? Have any of you stayed together despite having different views/values?
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I've also always been complimented on my sense of humor, friendliness and approachability, so I really didn't know what to do when she said I was too much of those things... it's a core part of who I am and I don't know how to change that if that really is a problem she has/I wouldn't want to change that...
My girlfriend is very religious but I'm not, and I'm afraid it is going to end our relationship?
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