What are the signs that a guy wants a serious relationship?

Is it something he says along with his actions? But what exactly? Details guys

Hey everyone check out the whole story in my Stories/Article Page to hear the whole story about what's going down and give me your honest answer about what I should do.

Thanks guys
Hey you guys I dumped that jerk months ago and when I see him I go the opposite direction. I stay far away from negative demons. He was a jerk!


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  • He is serious when he actually wants to talk to you and you are more than just sex to him. But you have to read his subtle behavior to tell if the time he spends with you is not just the investment required to lead to sex.

    How do you read these subtleties? You can't be oblivious and you can't be stupid for one thing. If you ask him certain questions he should answer them with honesty, and he shouldn't be afraid to answer. For example this question: "are we a couple or not?" I know a guy who had a friend with benefits who asked him this question and he basically acted like a politician by saying a bunch of bullshit and ultimately did not answer the question. And he got away with it by continuing to have sex without making her angry, and the whole time she believed she was more than just sex to him. Girls fall for that all the time. Men have good skills with words and it takes a smart girl to realize, "wait a second; he just said a bunch of bullshit and didn't even answer my question." All men who just want sex have that inner politician inside them and you have to spot it.

    Also if you say, "I love you." and he has never said it once then basically he doesn't love you. He might fool you by saying, "you're so sweet," and he will smile right after you said, "I love you." But he still didn't say, "I love you;" don't fall for that.

    This is a good sign he wants a serious relationship: he will give you his phone number and tell you where he lives and he will tell you to come over anytime and call him anytime. If he gives you that freedom that means he will never have another girl at his place who he's interested in sex with. Because if he is screwing another girl on the side, he won't give you an open invitation to catch him in the act. If he he tells you where he lives and doesn't say come over anytime, then ask him when you can come over. If he doesn't say "anytime," then listen to his answer carefully to make sure he's not hiding anything. If he says, "call me first," that is inconclusive, but it's almost expected.

    The real thing is to read his mannerisms and facial expressions when he is spending time with you. Know the answer to this question: "is he genuine?" Are his facial expressions real, is he sincere and is he genuinely enjoying time with you. So many girls are so stupid to not realize that a guy is acting and he is only leading his way to sex. You should be able to catch if a guy is acting or not.

    Now you should understand that it is normal for a guy to be interested in a serious relationship while also being interested in sex with only you. If he makes advances and hints towards you that can be OK, just make sure he likes you for who you are before you give him some. If advances are the only thing that ever come out of his mouth, then you shouldn't be stupid enough to fall for that too (unfortunately girls still do that).

    • Wow, I'm really impressed by your answer. Let me fill you in and you decide what I should do next.

      Alright here it goes....I catch the bus to work. My job is not that far but, it saves on gas. He's the bus driver. I first noticed him maybe around Nov or Dec 2007. We never spoke to each other. But, I was feeling down in those months and I have been single again and celebrate since 2005. So, in Jan 2008 I decided to change my style once again for 2008. I'm kinda like Madonna.

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    • As he's riding by my neighbor waves at him first so I then turned around and saw it was him and waved at him too. 20 mins later I'm home he calls me. Let me tell you everyone was saying what I had on that day really look sexy and my hair made it sexier and my jeans really showed off my shape. So I had been getting compliments all day. I said thank you but I really don't do well with compliments so I just say thank you. So he calls 20 mins later like he didn't know that was me. LOL. He talking

    • Hes talking and I'm like"Duh, I saw you today, remember I waved at you 20 mins ago." He knew who I was right. He said that I had my back turned so he didn't know it was me. Anyway he subtle says that I came out side just to see him. I told him I like him but I would never go to those extremes to see him. Then he says again that I should have gotten on the bus to ride with him. and you can read the rest in my Stories/Articles page. Under dating

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  • A proposal of marriage. We don't think about relationships like you do. We really do just kinda go through life moment by moment.

    • I don't want to marry the dude at this point in my life. But, one day I might get married again. Before I'm 40.

    • Speak for yourself


    • I think some people have a different definition of serious relationship.

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  • he's committed and doesn't talk about sex all the time.

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