How do you go from being in a relationship to just friends?

So basically my boyfriend tonight came to the decision that we should just be friends right now. I've been in college and I'm in the hardest quarter of my life and it's really stressing me out and I'm really stressed, high strung and I just take things too seriously right now, which is not the norm for me. And he's stressed out because of work, finances, his family, etc. And as a result of my stress, the mild things he does that irritate me, I would blow up at, when I could normally just shrug it off, cause I was usually a person who loved life and was always laughing and smiling. And we had been fighting/arguing more than is normal for a couple, I think.

So he told me tonight, "It's not what I wanted to do, but after tonight, I think we should be friends", and he said he isn't usually the dumper. He made a comment how his friends don't understand why me and him are together with how often we fight/argue, and I was like, "well maybe we shouldn't move forward and just be friends".

I couldn't believe I was hearing those words and it tore me up inside, but after that, I realized it was probably for the best, but knew it would be rough going from being with him, kissing him and what not, to just being friends.

He said he still wanted to be friends and if over time he saw a change in me (like I wasn't constantly ripping his head off over stupid stuff) and just going back to being fun-loving and happy, then we would give it another shot for a serious relationship. But he wanted to spend this time to get to know each other better. We basically went on a date, hung out once after that and dove into a relationship, which I think was bad. We had no time to get to know each other and our flaws, likes, dislikes, what makes us happy, what pisses us off. And we only dated for almost 1 month and 1 week, so couples shouldn't be acting like that this soon in the game.

I told him that I knew what was going to happen and I've seen it. He would say he wanted to still be friends, and then he would go off and find someone better than me or just someone to replace me. He was like, you haven't had many boyfriends. I was like, yeah, but I've looked at other relationships. He was like, but I'm not an ordinary guy with ordinary relationships.

Then later added that he hopes I don't lose hope in the fact that we could eventually get back together. And when I was leaving his house today, he told me to call him when I got off of work today.

Has anyone ever been in a somewhat similar situation, such as breaking up because of problems in your lives? How did it go? Did you eventually get back together? Any hope for my situation? Advice?
How do you go from being in a relationship to just friends?
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