How did these men manage to find the right woman?

Yeah, let me start off by saying that I am confused somehow.
How did these men manage to find the right woman?
I don't know why but I get a very specific and distinct image when a man and a woman got married.
There are men out there, who are YouTubers and spend a big amount of time bringing good and entertaining contents to it's viewers. They are men, who are married (at some point they have mentioned "my wife" or "announcement - I am going on honeymoon with my fiance"). And it does seem like they are happily in a relationship/marriage.

Here are some examples:

TheGamingMerchant - This guy got married in the previous year and I noticed no difference in the amount/quality of his content uploaded. He uploads game leaks, secret game update info (not part of patchnotes), Easter eggs, story lores, tips & tricks for Apex Legends. These things occupy him for like 5 hours long.
Jayborino - This guy is also married and he uploads how he plays through certain games and mods. A pretty fun guy. He uploads content 1-2 times within 1-2 days, each which can last from 10 minutes to an hour.
TheActionLab - This guy has a PhD and does science videos about all sorts of experiments involving physics, chemical reactions & structures, pressure, properties, lights, sounds and so on. He uploads not as much as the other 2 above because he conducts scientific research a lot before uploading it to YT.

And all of them have video recording, cutting, editing and rendering to do and then to upload it on YT. And they aren't even looking tired.

How did they find and get married with the right woman? I thought married women drain away our time and energy and money, so that we can't even do these things 😳😳😳 But for those youtubers that is anything but the case.
See, that's what I meant when I said I'm confused.
How did these men manage to find the right woman?
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