How do guys feel when they are in love?

sometime we girls think that guys are just not capable of love but we all love in different ways I my question is how do guys feel when they are in love? or how do you personally feel when you are in love? if you even know what you are feeling is love...because many can argue that it doesn't really exist...anyways that's a whole other issue all together.


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  • The first time I was in love, it felt like I was invincible because there was this thing carrying me through my life, that I had this love that would endure through anything. And it did for a while. It was almost intoxicating knowing how much I loved her and she loved me. Making love with her was almost too intense. I'm not a religious or spiritual guy, but I would describe sex with that girl as a spiritual experience for me. The intensity of my desire to have her and make her happy and know she feels the same about me was more than anything I'd ever felt before that. Other ways I felt that love in my life include wanting to bring her with me any time I traveled, wanting to plan the future with her, and wanting to surprise her with something nice as often as possible.

    After my first love, love was still intense but never like that again. It's more like this warm glowing furnace in the corner of my mind that I know I have there in case I get cold. But I knew it was most likely that we'd break up in a couple years max, and we did. Maybe that was a self-fulfilling prophecy, but the upside of that tradeoff is that the breakup was less painful.

    • do you not feel sad that you might never experience that intensity like that before? I mean just reading what you wrote makes me feel sad that that won't happen again.

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    • Quadrophonic, I hope you do experience love like that again. It is possible. Oddly enough, a friend recently re-entered my life from decades past and he has begun to stir up emotions and feelings in me I long thought were abated. You'd be amazed what the right person can do for you :) Good luck.

    • Sure it's possible. But I've also made a conscious decision to give that much control over my life to someone ever again. I can be a very passionate person, and given that there are approximately .04 trustworthy people in the universe, chances aren't good I'll find someone I can trust with control.

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  • Every guy is different, so we all experience in our own unique way. For the most guys it would be his first crush that became his first girlfriend, many guys would tell you that has been their best experience of feeling love.

    I have been pretty blessed, because I'm still with my first love and still love her very much, the way I know that I'm still in love with her is when I wake up every morning and watch her for like 1 minute next to me sleeping, putting a smile on my face. The pinnacle of our love is when my daughter was born 2 months ago, who just watches me with her big gorgeous eyes, like her mothers and smiles to me, that just completes me to no end.

    Writing this answer makes my eyes wet, I'm gonna go cuddle and kiss them both right now, lol.

    • ahh that's really sweet ketfoen:)lol...and thanks we need more guys like you out there

  • Of course we do feel it. I felt too those butterflies and the feeling the ceiling would fall on me if I said the wrong word. But me, as a guy, I live my emotions intensely so I come off "too strong". Rather than showing less, I'd rather not show anything at all. I'm just cautious and defensive.

  • always thinking about her, and less sex thought because when male falls in love he produces less testosterone.

    • wow I didn't know that. interesting

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