Please help. Is my boyfriend’s behaviour normal?

This is long but I don’t want to miss anything important.
I was in an abusive relationship previously with a man with quite serious mental health issues. There wasn’t any physical abuse. It was all mental but it affected me quite badly. I took time out for two years after it to heal.

last year through a friend of the family I met my current boyfriend. I am 30 and he is 25. I am his first proper girlfriend. We met just for a coffee date which went well. It was my bday a few days later and he sent me some expensive flowers which I was surprised about because we only just met. He still lived at home but came to see me the day after and we just chatted outside. He was very nervous and shaky holding my hand.

now we have been dating four months and had our first weekend away together and I’m wondering if this is normal in what I’ve recognised in the past four months:-

1. he said he loved me very quickly, and that he knew straight away.
2. He started to want to be with me all the time. He turned up at my house twice unannounced just to bring me coffee because I was working late
3. he proclaims his love quite a lot but says that he feels lost without me and just sits up in his room, he said his parents have commented on this
4. if I do something he will go and do the same thing or with buy what I have bought a lot.
5. He spends a lot of money on me for Valentine’s etc almost excessive for the amount of time we’ve been dating
6. he doesn’t bother with his friends anymore and says he doesn’t need anyone but me because they are all unreliable
7. he doesn’t like silence and I sometimes get the impression he needs a drink for confidence
8. when we were on holiday this weekend he drove dangerously in some quiet areas that could have resulted in us crashing
+1 y
9. He says he has plans for us but it’s like he’s already decided these in his head and doesn’t consult me
+1 y
10. I have spoken about past dating experiences. He then says about his male friends that he works with wanting to go on lads holidays and how many girls they sleep with but that he doesn’t want to do this because he thinks it’s not nice
Please help. Is my boyfriend’s behaviour normal?
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