There is no such thing as unconditional love in a relationship, do you agree?

The only 4 people I'm receving that type of love without any of them asking for anything in return other than my happiness and health; my mother, my father, my maternal grandma and my younger brother. No one else after that.

My ex boyfriend used to rub it in my face how he loves me unconditionally and will always be there for me. However, he used to give me too many ultimatums. Basically if I didn't became a good chef (didn't cook creative meals all the time) and a businesswoman in a year or so, he would dump me and block me forever. He wanted part of my income.

He also put conditions not to give any money to my grandma nor speak to my aunt or else he wouldn't ever speak to me again. This contradicts the very definition of unconditional love. This means loving without waiting for anything in return and no ultimatums.

I ended up blocking him myself and lied about my real earnings. He sure got upset that I withheld that information. Did he fought for his so called ''love''? Nope. When I blocked him, he treated me like I don't exist. Honestly I think there is no such things as unconditional love in a relationship. It's not healthy. If you can block them any time, replace them with someone else and forget them, you never loved them unconditionally.
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Unconditionally and yet he was placing ultimatums and yelling at the same time. I never ever once told him ''get promoted or else we're done nor learn how to drive or we're done''. I accepted him how he was. Unfortunately he was the bad person.
There is no such thing as unconditional love in a relationship, do you agree?
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