How do I get my boyfriend to show more physical affection?


My boyfriend is a really good guy and we both really love each other. He shows me he loves me by taking care of me. He's always helping me out and cooking me dinner and stuff. He's a real sweetie deep down but it just feels like he never has time for me when it comes to physical affection.

He will cuddle with me at night or I have to ask and yes I am very clingy too but he's amitted to not liking kissing because he thinks it's gross and he gets all shy and embarrassed in front of his family and in public.

I just see all my friends with there boyfriends and they'll be touching them in little ways when out like holding her hand or putting his arm around her but my boyfriend doesn't do that especially in front of his family because they all go "aww how cute" and he gets all embarrassed.

I think it's a confidence thing as it takes a lot for him to make the first move. We've been to together over 3 years now. It doesn't help we live with his parents too so we barely get any time alone.

We are looking at getting a house together but he just never touches me or tells me I'm pretty and if when it's very rare and I'm not used to it.

Before anyone comes for him. He really is a good man and he's so loving towards me it's just the physical side sometimes can be a struggle.

How do I get my boyfriend to show more physical affection?
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