While there is nothing serious is it ok to have fun?

I'm between a situationship and relationship (long-distance for the meantime) for over a year now. I regard to him as a companion and my FB status will remain single unless I get married. Though he has visited me in Nov 2023 and we spent quality time. No, we haven't had sex but we did made-out, holded hands and made out a lot.

By having fun I don't mean sleeping around with men. I hate when people assume having fun means having sex. In addition I'm really demisexual (have a hard time feeling attraction and lust towards any man; it has happened but on rare times) and can't have random sex not even if drunk. I mean going out there, meeting new people to practice languages, go to parties to have some drink (maybe once in a while get drunk, not often thought), go on group trips, clubbing, etc. I'm 37, look much younger and still feel young with Energy.

He made a promised to come to visit me again and seal our bargain with commitment. Yes it's a pact we made. For the meantime, while it's not confirmed is it ok to have fun? I don't owe him anything at this moment. I got tired of acting like this devoted, stays at home, doesn't parties nor ever gets drunk to a damn boyfriend.

If he does as promised then I'll resume back the role as the at home, devoted women. I'll even stop partying too much.

While there is nothing serious is it ok to have fun?
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