Is my fiance being disrespectful or is it just me?

I personally like when my fiance slaps my butt but... he over does it to extreme measures most the time so its become a problem. I tell him I don't want him to slap or touch my butt because it's like every 5 mins or less and no I'm not exatragrating its obsessive and he gets worse when other guys are around and I can't do anything without him doing it. If it were more spaced out it wouldn't be such a problem but in his eyes that means I don't love him and I want to be with someone else or I'm trying to make sure someone else like a man doesn't see.

If another guy is around it's like his anxiety perks up and he is always accusing me of staring or looking or hiding my glance if I don't keep my field of vision within his. Our roommate is gay and is a really good friend of ours and he and have known each other for 15 years and my fiance has known him for 30 years. Even when our friend is at work he accused me because I glance over at the couch and he says I'm missing him if I look where he would normally sit.

his view is if we don't kiss or hug or have intimate times with each other whenever he wants than I don't love him or want him or I'm not doing it because I want someone else especially if our friend is there and again he is Gay. He doesn't believe he is gay because he's never seen him kiss another guy. So he thinks it's some skit we are doing so we can have an affair.

Really if I ask him not to spank my booty he does it anyway and he is always accusing me of doing things that I'm not.

Is my fiance being disrespectful or is it just me?
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