Is this just a FB setting or did he hide my post from his timeline?

Ok so a guy I am seeing/dating, not officially my boyfriend but we totally act like a couple, sent me flowers today. I was SUPER excited and took a picture and posted it on my FB wall, tagging him in it. Just said something like "Flowers from XXX, I am cheesing from ear to ear, love you babyy <3" (important to note that we have both said I love you to each other a long time ago, so it shouldn't be a big deal). I then went on his wall to make sure it posted on it, since I did tag him in the post. But it wasn't on his wall at all, and it still isn't now (it's been about 3 hours). Did he hide it from his timeline on purpose? Or could he have a setting so that when people tag him in posts with pictures it doesn't show on his timeline? (is there even a setting like this?) I know that when people tag him in other posts it shows up on his timeline, and I also know he was online when I posted the pic because he showed up as green on chat, so he could have quickly hidden it. If you think he did hide it on purpose from his wall, why would he do that? Our friends all know about us, like no we are not officially a couple, but he claims to be crazy about me and sends me flowers and tells me he loves me all the time, so why would he not want this on his timeline? Is he embarrassed of me or something? :(
Is this just a FB setting or did he hide my post from his timeline?
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