Ex has made his profile public... shortly after I unblocked him on Facebook?

Easy question really. We split up, argued, I blocked him off Facebook. Recently we've started talking face to face... a little. And now he's all of a sudden made his profile public? Just after us beginning to talk again two weeks ago?

Coincidence or not? His posts aren't anything aimed at me. They're pretty general.
Somebody answer pleaaaase.


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  • Maybe he's just trying to grab attention from other people because his friends private friends dont pay attention to him 😅

    • I don't think so, it's never been private before then?

    • It probably has but it doesn't matter. Sometime you can have 200 friends online bug only five might like or notice the things you do. Maybe he needs more attention. 🤔

    • Not so sure. It was private before. The minute I unblocked him was the minute he made his profile public... so now I can see everything he posts without being his Facebook friend :S lots of friends do seem to notice what he does though.

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  • What do you mean he made his profile public? It wasn't already that way?

    I mean there's a chance he is doing it to get you to be jealous... but the reason anyone is trying to make someone jealous is because they still have feelings for that person. So you can take it negatively, or know that he's doing it hoping you'll care more for him. End of the day... if you keep circling around these scenarios where you are talking and you think you still have feelings, you will have to discuss whether or not you want to be together. Doesn't have to be soon, just if things continue.

    Can I ask a question? Why did you block him in the first place? I recently was broke up with and she did the same thing to me... and neither of us really use facebook. I didn't do anything wrong, and we didn't have an argument other than me not wanting to end things... but she blocked me on FB. No other social medias, like instagram, which I use a ton more... yet she blocked me.

    • No, it was set to private... so only his friends could see what he posted to his profile?

      You think he's really trying to make me jealous? The posts are pretty general so far, apart from he did post an article about something he knows would probably irritate me a bit. Either way, nothing he's posting is making me remotely care more. I guess you're right though, now's just not the time to be talking about feelings though!

      I blocked him because at the time, Facebook was our only means of communication as a couple. We argued, it got blown way out of proportion, he gave me the choice to stop arguing with him and if I didn't, we were over. I didn't stop arguing, did I? Which led to us breaking up and him being extremely cold, resentful, hurtful and angry towards me. And I couldn't take how he was being, so I blocked him. Partly because of that and to help me move on as he made it clear he didn't want me anymore.

      That's strange though, perhaps she's trying to make a point to you?

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