When your ex makes his FB profile public... after being private for like, ever? Help easy Q?

So, we broke up. I blocked him off of my Facebook because he hurt me so much. This all happened in April.

Its now November and we've only recently started talking a little again. I decided to unblock him on Facebook. I never friend requested him or anything. When I looked on his page, all of his posts and informations were private.

One week later (I'm guessing he realised I unblocked him) he made all of his posts public. So I could see literally everything.

There's suddenly all these posts about him going out and having a great time with new friends. Posts about actresses on to that he finds attractive. Posts about new projects he wants to get up and running.

I can see the lot. It just makes me wonder what his intentions are? We are talking now and then and he's a little flirty at times but standoffish at other times. I can also see other girls who are liking his posts.

Whats your take?
  • He's moved on completely
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  • He's trying to make you jealous
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  • He still has feelings for you but is trying to move past them
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  • He's trying to hide the fact he misses you
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm trying to make you jealous while moving on completely.

    • Why would he try to make me jealous though? Why not just move on? This is the guy who's ASSURED me he hasn't moved on or been with anyone else since we split :/ and I know he's had the chance to...

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    • So am I. Let's just forget about him.

    • Yeah, easier said than done!

Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you read too much into this...

    • Maybe so. But he's never had his profile public before. And until he made it public? He never started posting status updates until then.

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