Why you should not give up. My Christian viewpoint.

Why you should not give up. My Christian viewpoint.

I remember hearing a story on tv by a bi racial woman discussing her childhood, and it was a sad story indeed. Her father was black during a time where black and white racism was rampant and he married her white mother who divorced him because of social pressure and harassment by racists. Since her mother was white and society was racist at the time, she won custody of her children. Their child’s father, loved his two bi racial children so much, he could not bear to be separated from them and he killed himself. Less than one year after his suicide, the children’s mother decided she wanted to protect her reputation among the white racists by disowning her bi racial children, so she abandoned her kids to their black grandparents and the two bi racial children were raised by their dead father’s parents. You see the situation here? If the children’s father had waited just a few months longer, God would have allowed him to regain custody of his children but he killed himself not knowing he would regain custody of them because their mother would renounce her custody battles.

When I was in university, I almost gave up trying to be a grad student cause I took one graduate school bridging course and decided it was too hard. I got kicked out of the bridging program for underperforming due to a lack of effort but after I did one of my co study partners told me the bridging course I had been selected to take was 8x harder than all the other graduate courses combined, meaning, had I completed the course, graduate school would have only been a little harder than undergrad but I got kicked out for my lack of diligence and commitment to the program and my false believe that all the classes would be equally hard.

This is why you should not give up, when you feel you tired and weary, that is when you are closest to your breakthrough. God will not keep you weary, he will provide for you when you’ve done your best effort and waited.

Why you should not give up. My Christian viewpoint.
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  • Jjpayne

    I think there is a good poem for this

    Why you should not give up. My Christian viewpoint.
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  • purplepoppy

    Giving up is how we avoid wasting our time on impossible dreams. Yes a tiny percentage will succeed but most will lose far more than they gain. Take your picture as an example, yes you might find the treasure, a few will, but most will waste their lives and money digging and will lose time with their friends and families.

  • RationalMale

    Funny that when "racism" comes up it's always poor blacks being harmed by Whites. Current crime statistics show that for years blacks in the usa murder twice as many whites as white on black homicides. Blacks need to stop murdering White people.