A very serious lesson that isn’t so obvious to most

A very serious lesson that isn’t so obvious to most

I believe Jesus taught that bad deeds lead to bad ultimate results and good deeds leads to good final outcomes. Bad deeds cannot lead to good results because the person suffers for what they did. Good deeds cannot lead to bad results cause the person will eventually be rewarded for their good deed.

Like I know a guy who wronged me and robbed me and ruined my reputation and I asked him to correct his error years later and he refused to because he was worried it would affect his social status for his contacts to know he made in error in judgment. While he has been trying to establish a career as a celebrity musician and in the last several years his fan base has shrunk from over 6000 fans to over 1000 fans.

I knew another guy who was very good looking and athletic and fit and he ruined my reputation with lies that he at one point, believed were true. When I gave him evidence that he made an error and asked him to apologize to the people he slandered me too, he refused, because he did not want to deal with the humiliation. While today he is obese and ugly and bald, because he choose his reputation over telling the truth.

I knew a girl who wanted to date a very good looking guy so she tried to seduce him into marrying him by getting pregnant and having three kids with him out of wed lock. When her boyfriend finally decides to marry her, over a decade after their first child is born, he gets gunned down in a drive by shooting and now his ex-fiancé has to raise 3 children as a single mother and she never got the husband that she wanted.

A guy used to tell me that what goes around always comes around and it doesn’t just come around but it comes around to haunt you. I know plenty of people who did good deeds and prospered and I know plenty of people who tried to use people for money and ended up in poverty. The only way to grow and expand is to live an ethical life: a life involving sacrifice, humility, respect and hard work. The ones who wanted easy answers ended up with more problems than they started with.

A very serious lesson that isn’t so obvious to most
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