The hardest lesson to learn...

So. I don't really know what to say, I don't even know what to feel. I met a girl last year that came from a broken home, her dad left when she was a baby, her step-dad is abusive, her mom cheats on her step-dad and she was bullied when she was youngr, I fell in love with her and decided to "fix" her, I spent a year dating her, giving her all my time, love and help. A few months ago she broke up with me because I was being too "clingy".... She said that to me, yet she'd get sad anytime we didn't talk, she'd make up big lies about her getting hurt or some shit everytime I'd leave her for anymore then 10 minutes.... And I was the clingy one.... It gets better too... After we broke up she told all her friends that "He hacked into my email and my phone. He made me feel bad about myself for sex. He used me." She made me a monster... I did none of those, just gave her love... Now she's with someone else who "loves her and will fix her." I'm two months she's replaced me... And here I am, as broken as her.... The lessen I learned, is that you can not fix a broken person, no matter how hard you try. They can only fix themselves. It's a hard thing to realize that sometimes the people you love are too messed up to be helped.

The hardest lessen to learn.....


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  • Correct. You cannot get someone to love themselves, that comes from personal reflection and that fun journey of discovering your own self-worth.

    Although, it's wonderful that you are loving enough to try. Don't fret dear, another girl will come along. One who loves herself, regardless of where she came from. I was in a similar life situation. My self-esteem was shit. lol I had to work hard and really look at myself and accept myself for what is and was uniquely me. No one can love me but me, no one can find my true value until I show I have some. No one can respect me before I respect myself.

    Hopefully, she discovers herself sooner rather than later... And that was terrible if she depicted you as a monster. If that's how she truly feels, leave her be.

    • I hope that too.

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  • Good lesson.

    Well, you said you're now as screwed as her? Think about it, it was not your fault right? You did nothing wrong and she started being cocky towards you, bitchy and spreading lies. You did not deserve any of that and more you did not deserve her but far better than that. You can start to ignore her and pay 0 attention, it may be hard but it's worth the effort and while. Just act as if she is no more present and distract yourself from her by any means necessary. Focus!

    I hope for the best for you to get back up as soon as possible. Good luck and take care m8!


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  • "Those who are heartless, once cared too much." - Unknown
    It's hard to feel bad for them, but they've been far past "hurt" and "heart-broken" and past the point of no return.

  • I am sorry to hear that but I must say thanks for sharing your life experience and I really appreciate that lesson. Great. Best of luck for your future :)

    • You're welcome and thank you.




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