Some Lessons Life Taught Me So Far...

Am sure many among you have heard the phrase "we learn from our mistakes" makes sense,..and once you make a mistake there's no way back to fix that...

Some lessons life taught me so far.....

Lessons life taught me :

1.Don't trust people too easily.

2.Don't be too kind towards those in your surrounding...they'll end up "needing" you only when your service is required.

3.Don't think that life is like a fairy tale and that EVERYTHING will happen as you wish.!...NOPE!

4.Think well before you say something.

5.Think well before taking an important decision( it can be concerning your career/family/relationship).

6.Know with whom you're surrounding yourself with.

7.Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and voice out your opinions.

8.Never let people take decisions for's YOUR life..not theirs.

9.Don't be afraid to face the "real you" and let him/her out.

10.Don't let anyone judge you!

GAGers...what lessons life has taught you so far??

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  • A - An hour of silence between two soul mates is worth a lifetime of wasted words of love between two fools.

    B - Emotion is like fire. If controlled, it is beautiful, colorful, and life giving. If uncontrolled, it will burn and destroy everything. Most people are not trained, nor have the discipline, to control their emotions. Most people just give in to them without thinking of the consequences, then they wonder why their whole life has burned down.

    C - You cannot save a person who does not want to be saved, no matter how hard you try or how much you wish you could.

    D - Judge. Judge like a motherfucker. People say you shouldn't judge this, or judge that, but the truth is, everyone judges. It's a valuable life skill and necessary to survive in this world. We all come from different backgrounds and we all have our perceptions and standards for character integrity, as a human, we are entitled to our thoughts and opinions and judgment of character in other people. But here's the thing that people don't seem to realize. Judging is a too way street. If you judge someone, you must prepared to BE judged by someone else. The true key to self-progression is to look at yourself in a unbiased light. Criticism hurts, but in my experience, being ignorant of actual, critical criticism hurts even more. Many people go through life making the wrong friends, and getting into the wrong relationships because they did not spend their life honing their sense of judgment. It is a very real skill and telling someone to not use it is doing them a disservice. You NEED to hone that skill in order to discern people of REAL integrity, sharpen it, practice it, judgment is one of your most VALUABLE tools in life, just make sure you judge based on REAL grounds.


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  • i can't and won't agree to that line from lion king that either you learn from your past or you can run from your past, because my past is effecting my future really bad, so basically you have to run from it too after learning from it. by the way i learned in my life that

    1. never think that your life can't get any worst,
    2. dont trust anyone.
    3. even in my darkest times my shadow will leave my side too and there will be no one to help me.
    4. pray for the best ready for the worst.
    5. its better to be alone than with people who doesn't understand you.

  • I have been very fortunate in life and have never been misused - I have been hurt but generally it was unavoidable circumstances so even though I am 47 I am still very open - I think what protects me is that my caution is beforehand, I have been cautious my whole life reserved but once I get to know you maybe trust you the handbrake comes off and people think I am completely open because they forget how reserved I was at the start of our friendship/relationship.

  • I dont trust anyone, especially what happened to me last night. my faith in people have gone to hell


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