The Most Important Life Lessons I Have Learned So Far


Hello! Hope everyone is doing well during these COVID-19 times. Makes for a great opportunity to write, though! Today`s Take is all about the most important life lessons that I have learned in my (so far) short life. Hope you get a few good lessons out of this! Let me know if you have any important lessons to share in the comments below! Enjoy!

The Most Important Life Lessons I Have Learned So Far

Nothing is as glorious as it seems.

Especially in today`s society where social media platforms have taken over, it is easier than ever to get a glimpse of the lives of people. It is, however, simultaneously possible to alter the truth. Photoshop as well as only capturing the highlights of our lives can portray them as much more glamorous and happy than they really are on a daily basis. Considering how easy it is to make life seem better than it is, one can safely say that nothing is as glorious as it seems. This is because nobody wants to show others when life becomes completely messy or negative.

If people brag or put great emphasis on an aspect of their life, it is most likely fake or untrue.

I have had so many experiences where people say things such as: "I make so much money", "I am the best in my class at school", "I never cry" or "I am totally over him/her". These claims can seem quite convincing in a conversation, but people who have something to hide will try their best to subconsciously convince you of otherwise. The truth is, people who are true to themselves and their lives will be confident enough to let others see them and their accomplishments without having to prove anything. If you truly make lots of money, people will notice. The same goes to whether or not you are truly over your ex-partner, if you do not cry a lot or in fact are the most successful in school.

People who are true to themselves and their lives will be confident enough to let others see them and their accomplishments without having to prove anything.

Hard work can get you anywhere.

It does not matter what aspect or area in life we are talking about. If you are a hard worker in general, it can get you anywhere. If you work hard in school, you can get into any university of your choice and be eligible for scholarships. If you work hard in the working life, you can get promoted and make more money. If you work hard on yourself, you can discover new things about yourself that you never knew and become someone better!

The Most Important Life Lessons I Have Learned So Far

Your choice of partner can change your path in life.

...for the better or worse. You might be dead set on the path of your choice, but finding someone you love down the road can truly change your view on life. If it was meant to be, you will soon find yourself to want a family and domestic life with that person. Or, they might be on a different path that you would want to follow in stead. As this can be seen as romantic and healthy for the relationship, people often lose or forget themselves in the process. It is important to be sure that the new path you are going will leave you happy in the end, too!

The Most Important Life Lessons I Have Learned So Far

Dreams do not always work out, and life throws curve balls at you.

This is not necessarily a bad thing! Sometimes you discover new dreams or decide to live old ones.

It is not about what you know, but who you know.

What do I mean by this? Well, I am mostly referring to the working life and sometimes education. More often than not, people actually get better jobs and access to education if they know the right people who can get them contacts. Those things do not always require an expensive diploma or a colorful CV!

It is important to be selfish in your teen years until early adulthood.

These years are probably the most important of your life, because they decide who you become as a person and in real life. All the decisions you make during this time can heavily influence the rest of your life!

People change, so never depend on them.

If your life is planned with other people in mind, you might wind up disappointed. This is because people always change. They meet new people, experience new things and change their minds. That is why it is crucial to plan smart if it will affect your life.

The Most Important Life Lessons I Have Learned So Far
The Most Important Life Lessons I Have Learned So Far
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  • Lliam
    The only point I disagree with is hard work. While you can't be a success without working hard, hard work will not necessarily lead to success. Some people are simply born with advantages. Some people are born with severe disadvantages. Some people work like dogs all their lives just to make ends meet. Plus, as you said, sometimes life throws curve balls that are hard to overcome.

    On your point about teens, I would say that teens are naturally self-centered. It's part of brain development. So teens are bound to make some bad decisions. But we learn from our bad decisions. Unfortunately, in this electronic age, things get recorded and remain on people's records forever. That's actually a horrific development.

    One lesson that I have learned is, government and mainstream media lie as a matter of course. They can't be trusted at all. Also, don't trust consensus. It is usually manufactured by propaganda. A person has to do research and use their own reasoning power.
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  • YHL6965
    Nice lessons. When it comes to bragging, it's a way to overcompensate for a lack of confidence. These people compensate for their insecurities by bragging so, the more they brag, the more miserable they truly are.

    The lesson about dreams not always working out is an important one. What you might see as a failure, as a mistake, might actually lead you to a different dream and that change might make you happy in the end. If one thing does not work out, it's not the end for you, there is always an alternative, a solution that will still make you happy.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • I am 34 and about to turn 35. It's always good to reflect on your wisdom. Wisdom helps us make good decisions. Here are some of mine:

    1. Always try your best.
    2. It's ok to fail and make mistakes. No one is perfect.
    3. It's not about how others treat you, but how you react.
    4. Love and appreciate your loved ones, and esp. GOD.
    5. try to save and invest
    6. No one cares more about you than you, and God so take care of yourself
    7. It's not about you but it's about you only, which is selfish. It's being loving to others that makes you a better person.
    8. Always do research first before you make a big decision.
    9. Forgive people quickly. Forgive yourself quickly.
    10. Life is about enjoying the small things, and savoring the small Joy's in being with loved ones.
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  • scotcheggs
    I found "It is important to be selfish in your teen years until early adulthood." interesting, I hadn't really thought about it that much but I see now. Thank you for that

    "People change, so never depend on them." Yeah, I found this out not too long ago and dang it was rough but at least now I know

    Awesome MyTake!
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  • Paris13
    Life is like That Box of Chocolates... One never Knows what They get when Picking out One of Them or.. THAT. xx
  • Lov2PlezUgurl
    When i was 21 I got a call from my dad and he said that Bobby my younger brother had just had an accident and he didn't make it he had joined the navy when he was 18 and a year and a half later he's dead... my best friend and little brother was gone... he was stationed in Guam half a word away I never wrote him I guess I was kind of mad because he left and I had no to talk to to hang out with to have fun with 6 months before he died he got a leave I come from a big family I had 5 brothers and 5 sisters Bobby was the youngest 2 and a half years younger than me and we fight every day until he left he saw everyone and spent a week visiting each one I was the one to see and he only had 13 left before he had to fly back to Guam... but he didn't want to go so he called his Sargent and asked if he could stay a little longer he got two weeks as long as he signed up for 6 more months and we didn't sleep much to tell you the truth I don't remember much of those two weeks I don't know why I have never been much of a drinker and when he left I drove him to the air port and walked with him as far as I could go and I shook his hand and watch him get on the plane
    ... that was the last time I saw my best friend and little brother alive... Friday the 13th my dad calls I know there's something because he never calls... Bobby's dead he had an accident and he dyed... on Saturday the 14th... there's nothing wrong with my math here guys there's 12 hours difference between here and Guam it's just strange but he died two weeks before he was getting out for good... two weeks... if he hadn't spent those two weeks with me... we never know what's going to happen if I had known I wouldn't see bobby again I'd of hugged him and told him how much I loved him.. l never told him that so everytime you leave everytime you hang up the phone if you are with someone you tell them you don't know if you will get the chance to say... I love you... again
    • Shezadi


  • RingOfFire
    Those are all interesting lessons although I'm not sure I agree with all of the conclusions.

    I'd say the most important lesson I've learned in my life so far is that we know a lot less than we think we know.

    At 15 I thought I knew everything. At 20 I realized that I didn't know everything when I was 15 but thought I did know everything then. Same thing happened at 25, 30, 35 and 40...

    The same revelation repeated about every 5 years until I finally woke up and realized that there is a lot more I don't know than that I know and a lot of what I think I know I really don't know and that it would probably be that way for the rest of my life.

    But I didn't come to fully understand that until maybe around 50. You NEVER stop learning new things, and many of them shatter your understand of the world and make you realize that when you thought you knew everything, you were just being naive and foolish. Wisdom comes with age, but you never reach complete wisdom in your lifetime.

    As the saying goes: "The more I know, the more I know I don't know."
  • RickPen
    My only contradictory statement is that hard work has rarely ever improved my life. Whether it be in school, for a job or boss, or even volunteering, I have been cheated out of a scholarship I worked for, and by all counts, earned, but was cheated out of, which set my life up to be far more difficult. Jobs don't promote hard workers. They promote who looks the part, and I've found the Peter Principle to be accurate. Indeed, hard work only creates additional hard work for the person, with zero appreciation. Having any other expectation will result in disappointment eventually.

    With that said, we love to think that we control our life and destiny. We don't. Just like driving in rush hour traffic, we depend on other people to notice us, and not crash. I find the idea to apply to life. We can be the most ambitious, hard-working, genuine person, and if we run into bigotry, prejudice, or simple ignorance, our efforts rarely ever produce fruit.

    This is why I stopped believing in any American dream. It's a beautiful lie created by the few who succeeded, and advertised as possible, when it far more likely won't be. Despite my best efforts, I will likely remain poor for life, and die working, along with at least w50% of the population.
    If hard work, ingenuity, perseverance, and morals actually mattered, the world would be quite different.
  • Oram52
    Definitely good points, especially "Its who you know", networking is important. Dreams is true as well, there are plenty of curve balls in life you need to deal with. Hard work and dedication also rings true from own experience, something I wish I had done more off. One other important lesson I learnt is importance of mental resilience, there are a lot of situations we have to deal with, we need to be mentally strong or at least try our best to deal with them.
  • captain_voidwalker
    My most important life lessons.
    1. Trust no one least of all yourself
    2. Hard work will get you anywhere but those who don't work hard will work hardest at taking away what you have worked hard for.
    3. The only thing you can truly lose forever is time, so spend your time wisely.
    4. Silver tongues often hide steel daggers.
    5. Love does not exist but happiness certainly does.
  • glock33sig357
    If you have a passion to achieve something in life don't allow anyone to take a piss on your dreams and don't ever second guess yourself once you're willing to put money behind it.
  • jmf909
    Greatest lesson in life is you can pnly rely on yourself everyone is in same race but for different intensions. and u only hold yourself back from acheiveing anything you want in life
  • RemoErdosain
    I agree with all of that, and I think I need to learn more to accept the last point. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I wish more people did this kind of myTakes
  • zagor
    Fuck photoshop. I've seen some beautiful sights in my life. The morning sun on the Matterhorn. Lightning reflecting off the Eiger face. The next night, the full moon on it. Morning in the Grand Canyon. A Serengeti plain full of animals. Utah red rock country. The redwoods. Yosemite. I don't need pics, they're etched in my mind.
  • LivingOnTop
    I’ll add,
    *If you try to please everyone you will become a miserable person.
    *Most people who ask you to go the extra mile won’t lift a finger to help when you’re in need.
    *Most bosses suck! If you like yours thank them often.
    *Money and girls rarely cum easy. If you want it work for it!
  • yucel_eden
    These are great things that you have learnt.

    Another great lesson is that if someone is not adding any value to you, you do not need to spend time with them.

    Be it a friend, partner or parent.

    Just walk away
  • BeenThereLovedIt
    Worth noting on the bragging-

    Corporations do this also - how many times do you see a commercial where a big company claims they have "top rated customer service" or "best quality".. usually their advertising focuses on their weakest points and propagandizes them as their strengths.. best example I can think of at the moment is Comcast claiming that their customer service is "outstanding", when the reality is that they are among the worst customer service on the planet.
  • normalice
    The concept of scamming is not new, but it is new to each person.
  • Shiningtempest
    @ragequeen The life lesson I learned is to invest more time spending time with my bros over dating because hanging out with my bros provide more pleasure at the lower cost comparing to dating.
  • IronmanT
    Only thing you can controll in life is your own happieness by way of controlling yout attitude...
  • OrdinaryGuy134
    the hardest lesson
    that I have learned
    is to never to expect anything from people
    not even your loved ones
    not even your parents
  • Quidthonian
    Mine is more negative but for me true:
    The world doesn't give a... about me. It worked fine before me, it will work after I'm gone too.
    • Shezadi

      @AngelaFitaa what a whore with no self respect. Feel sorry for parents who raised you just so you can sell your body and sell.

    • @Shezadi I see that as a spamming bot, which I ignored. I believe I already reported this user. I'm not too concerned with that comment. Thank you for your support.

    • Shezadi

      It's okay

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  • The grass isn't always greener! On the other side.
    Also believing a girl who says she's on the pill. Fell for that lie thrice.
    • victorvolf

      Was it because you trusted them or because the pussy was fire?

  • Jacked_Jones
    Life Lessons: dont trust the Government News and Education and anything else.
    • Shezadi


  • LasloKeller
    Thanks for your advice.
    Sometimes when I cannot find the answer to my questions I use google :)
  • Elsa143
  • Iron_Man
    Interesting Mytake
  • Raja1881
    Ok thanks
  • alance99
    All of it is true
  • Nadim171
    This is one of the best mytakes I've seen so far!
  • AkshiJanjua
    Good Take
  • mrgspoter
    Nice, did you think of it all..
  • Asianguy123
    Follow the rules you will be safe and sound
    • Shezadi

      I like to be a rule breaker

  • beau666
    there's no way of knowing what tomorrow will be
  • Anonymous
    The last lesson in your mytake was something I had only realised 2 years ago
    • Anonymous

      Good stuff tho πŸ‘

  • Anonymous