What I Learned About Combatting Jealousy

What I Learned About Combatting Jealousy

These are rules I learned to help me control or reject feelings of jealousy I might have towards others. They are:

1 - Learn from your competition instead of trying to deny their achievements. This will save you time and empower you twice over, with the knowledge you have and with the knowledge that they have worked hard to come up with.

2 - Do not step outside your role. If your a musician, don’t try to compete with a film maker at film writing because when you try to live somebody else’s life, you will always be second best, if you live in the country and your competition is writing about city life, you beat your competition by writing about country life, because that is what you know.

3 - Don’t fight the process. You can’t lose 80 pounds, without first losing 5, so don’t shop for dresses 5 sizes too small and don’t buy make up while eating cheese burgers thinking you can lose weight tomorrow. A biology student has to take a test before going to medical school, so don’t party during study time while planning the car you will drive when you become a doctor.

4 - Take a break and reflect on your life. Do a stretching exercise or take a walk in the park, listen to some music, or play with a pet dog, bake cookies for your neighbours kids, or attend a house of God for meditation and worship. Treat yourself to a bubble bath or light a candle and pray. Write a short story or poem or create a work of art

5 - Think about using your skills and talents to serve, honour and bless the world and to honour God. Think about the children who will learn self esteem through the artwork you created, rather than worrying about whether the purse you buy with your earnings is beautiful enough to compete with the purse your cousin bought with hers.

What I Learned About Combatting Jealousy
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